Were We Wrong About the Canon 6D Mark II?

Tony Northrup made a mistake. In this new video he explains why now he believes the Canon 6D Mark II is the best vlogging camera of all time.

Has the Internet been too tough on the 6D Mark II? Even Fstoppers has published a few unfavorable articles on the camera. But Northrup makes a case for why in fact this camera outshines the competition when it comes to self-filming videos; something he didn’t recognize until changing up the style of his YouTube video productions.

In the video above, Northrup explains how the Micro Four Thirds Panasonic GH5 wasn’t up to the task citing slow autofocus performance during video recording. And even after switching to the APS-C Canon 77D with Dual Pixel AF, there was something to be desired. Finally settling on the full-frame 6D Mark II with Canon’s 24mm f/1.4 lens, he rediscovered a great new purpose in this supposed flop.

The reality of what this shows is that reviewers have a bias towards how they themselves shoot and what they personally value in a camera. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that when those biases are made clear to the audience. In Northrup’s case, it wasn’t until he saw the camera in a different light that its supreme vlogging abilities became clear to him. I respect that an effort was made to update his stance with such a controversial camera.

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Emmet Adriaans's picture

Coming from the man who also claimed JPEG is better than RAW, then had to release an explainer video as to why.

Usman Dawood's picture

He discussed that relating to particular situations not that JPEG is a better option. Context is important.

I agree Usman. In some cases jpeg is a better option. He didn't say jpeg was always the best option.

Tony Tumminello's picture

It's a camera that people love to hate in the photographic community. I have a coworker that has one and he loves it, and I have two other coworkers who want one. Yes, they're all aware that the D610 and D750 and A7s and whatnot exist, but it doesn't matter. They still want the 6D Mark II, that fully articulating rear LCD on a full frame camera has a shockingly powerful draw.

David Pavlich's picture

I almost bought one, but the deal breaker for me wasn't the complaints that centered around the sensor, it was the single card slot. I spent the extra money for the 5DIV for the dual slots and the fact that I had the 5DIII. While I only shoot is places that the flippy screen would help, I do once in a while and that almost took me to the 6DII.

I believe Jared Polin has also made mention of how good the 6DII is for vlogging.

Tony Northrup is starting to emberass himself. Firstly, with this JPEG nonsense, that Jared Polin was strongly against. Secondly with figuring out six months later than Polin, that 6DmkII is great for vlogging. Is he trying to make me prefer Fro over him?

Rayann Elzein's picture

It's a new (or ongoing trend) these days: people claim very loudly something that goes against general beliefs, then withdraws his statement with another video, just entertaining the buzz to attract more clicks and thus more revenues. I don't give them any attention, and surely never fall for this kind of click bait!

He was actually right in his JPEG "nonsense". He claimed that, in some cases, JPEG can be better. And it can. If you keep going for fro, the way he goes out of his way (get it?) to say raw is always better, just because he has a top of the line camera, time, money and everything else. I shoot both raw and jpeg. If I'm sharing my trip pictures with my friends at that time, why would I be going raw for them? Not everyone is a pro photographer, or cares enough about the art to edit raw. All these factors were where tony was saying "go JPEG". And he's right.

But Tony does have a problem. He usually fails to look out of his own bubble (as does fro, by the way). He believes everyone should have the correct pronunciation for ISO, and that aperture varies with sensor size. If you believe differently, he'll chase you down and try to hammer it into you. That's his biggest problem, actually.

But also, he's not proud. If he thinks you have a point, he'll fix his argument. If he finds an issue with something, he'll tell you. He's cautious also, and tests almost every claim he makes. He probably had never tested the canon for vlogging, and now he did. And saw that it was good. Why are you criticizing the man for admitting he was wrong AND giving you accurate information? Some people will never be happy.

But, I disagree with his conclusion. Other canon cameras like the m50 would probably be better, since they do 4k and/or 1080p with dual pixel af, and is way smaller. But I guess the title would not be as good if it mentioned "the 6DM2 is almost the best camera but not really"

Looks like an Canon sponsored vlog to me...

Simon Patterson's picture

Looks like a Panasonic sponsored comment to me.

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

So if auto-focus is so great, why all the video is out of focus?
Maybe remove the cap on your head, that's the only thing in focus here.!

The best and most popular ff cameras all have their problems:
Canon 5dmk4: cropping and an unusable codec. Great autofocus. No flippy tilty screen so unusable for vlogging without an external monitor.
Sony A900; selfiescreen but when using af, the aperture remains wide open. And the external microphone gets in the way of the flippy tilty screen.
Sony R7mk3/R7rmk3: no flip-out screen so unusable for vlogging without an external monitor.
Panasonic GH5: AF very unreliable.

All in all, out of all the excellent 4k capable cameras, there isn't a single one that is excellent for vlogging.
Strange isn't it.

Pedro Quintela's picture

Not many people I can recall could say that was wrong about something. Tony is doing a really good job with his channel.

The Canon 6d II is like its previous one, a good all-round that doesn´t shine in anything in particular, still is a very consistent product. We all should search for the tool that suits our personal needs, not a product because it has some hype or because someone else say is the best.

Mark Holtze's picture

I use one for run and gun specific stuff. I like it to be honest. It’s not the best camera and it’s more an example of Canons lack of real innovation but it’s a great camera to use when I do use it. The flip around screen makes it super handy for awkward shot framing in tight spaces. I don’t vlog at all with it but I can see how useful it would serve that field.

I think it got a bit too much criticism but again I think that could be more directed ar Canon specifically and not the camera.

Spec wise what you can get on a Sony A7III for a full frame puts it to shame really.

Digging the mirrorless with my vintage glass as well.

Oliver Kmia's picture

I wrote the negative article (https://fstoppers.com/critiques/canon-6d-mark-ii-worst-camera-2017-209420) about the 6D Mk II and I said:
"I must admit that the Dual Pixel is probably one of the best autofocus systems on the market"

Tony statement makes sense for the very specify case of vlogging, Dual Pixel rules over everything. There is no point of having sharp 4k and aliasing free video if the footage is not in focus. Beside vlogging, it's still an under-specs an overpriced camera with marginal improvement (and sometime downgrade) over the original 6D.

A lot of people misunderstood my article, the 6D Mk2 is not a bad camera but it has a poor price/features ratio. I'm not anti-canon, I even recommended to buy the original 6D which is a great value for the price now (can be found brand new for less than $1,000).
In any case, kudo for Tony. It's a honest statement.

Francisco Hernandez's picture

I used the Canon 6D for years and loved it, but when the 6D MKII came out and the main feature for $2,000 was the flip screen I was majorly disappointed.

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture

This is why I do not trust influential youtubers
They need clicks/likes/views for the cash flow, so they take whatever they have and make some steam with it.

it was the "lame" 6D MkII, now a little step back ? Seriously ?

I can already bet we'll see stupid but loud praises about Nikon MILC, but even worser crap talk defending the holy SONY MILC system...

The Internet of GAS fanboys will be in flame, and influencers will get large amount of $$$.

And in the meantime, photographers will still be able to use the device they already own to make marvellous pics, even with that SONY MILC, or any Nikon dSLR and of course that Nikon MILC too.

All this dull storytelling from anyside is just annoying as hell, and in the meantime, manufacturers and the mass market want to make us believe we need a videocam to make better photographies instead of an excellent photocamera.

Oliver Kmia's picture

While I'm a not especially fan of self-proclaimed youtube expert I must admit that Tony had the courage to admit his mistake. This is honest and welcome.

Actually it's a correction. Tony didn't say "I made a mistake, this is a great camera overall and I was 100% wrong". He said "I made a mistake, for the vlogging niche, this is the best camera."

revo nevo's picture

Video quality is still bad
And size and weight of the camera will not be for everyone.
Camera and that lens are 1400g heavy and still you have to add a microphone. It's not much for stills but you have to hold it for few minutes while filming and you are holding it in the way it was not designed

Nicolas KIEFFER's picture

Maybe the problem is exactly that one : using a tool designed for another job !

I can understand movie feature is a convenient fonctionnality for a photocamera, but if you are really involved in video, why the heck using a photocamera for the job ? And in the meatime, why must photocamera have to behave like moviecam with all its constraints ? EYE-AF and always displayed flawed live histogram are really worth all this hassle ? Give me better sensor and more reliable bodies instead of all theses movie features, ten times !

Chad Andreo's picture

This camera has so much potential. Without even mentioning the obvious omission of 4K, this camera would sell like hot cakes to wedding and doc film makers if they didn’t remove the ALL-i codec.
It’s probably not a big deal for vloggers.