What Cameras Would You Like To See in 2021?

2020 was a great year for camera releases and it's going to be a tough act to follow. Nevertheless, there are rumors of things to come, as well as a lot of speculation. What would you like to see launched?

I've spoken about it a few times, but it continues to impress me. In spite of 2020 lurching from disaster to disaster, there were a whole host of silver linings in our industry, with the release of some bar-pushing cameras in all areas, stills, video, and hybrid. I would be thoroughly surprised if 2021 can keep up this pace, particularly as we feel the reverberations of COVID's impact, but I'm quietly hopeful.

In this video, Sherif Mokbel goes through three cameras he's love to see, or that he's hoping will be announced soon. My pick of his selections would be the Panasonic GH6. The GH5 established itself as a real favorite in the video space, with Lee and Patrick holding it in high regard too. We are nearing the point where a successor to the GH5 will probably be announced, and I think it could be nicely timed.

For me, the camera I'm looking forward to the most will come as no surprise if you read my articles regularly: the GFX 100S. If the rumors of its spec and price point are true, this could really set the pace for modern medium format cameras, which could have some desirable knock-on effects for consumers. The GFX 100 is a staggering piece of equipment with a few flaws that detract from it, most of which the speculated (albeit reliably speculated) 100S aims to solve.

What cameras would you like to see in 2021?

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Ben Bezuidenhout's picture

Video: Panasonic FZ400 The FZ300 had that amazing lense.

Andy Kochendorfer's picture

Sony A7C-R with the 42 MP sensor (at least) and the new menu system. The would be awesome for hiking!

Jerome Brill's picture

a7Riiib with the 50mp?


I think the desired features do not end up counting. Each user will have different requests. But I think one of the main criteria will be the budget. For example, Sony a1 features look good, but how many people can afford the $ 6500 price?

Pedro Pulido's picture

Canon EOS R7 with 30+ mp.
fuji Xh2 with 30+ mp.

Celso Mollo's picture

I want my 10 minutes back

Jerome Brill's picture

Another Sony camera with the newer 50mp sensor. Something between the aR7iii-IV. I just don't need a 60mp sensor thats worse in lowlight than the R3.