What Should We Expect From the Nikon D760?

What Should We Expect From the Nikon D760?

The D750 is Nikon’s solid, reliable, entry-level full-frame DSLR, but at almost five years old, it’s due for an update. The D760 is slated for release early next year, but what specifications should we expect when Nikon's Z series of mirrorless cameras is getting all of the attention and the D850 has set the bar so high?

In terms of trustworthiness, few could argue with the performance of the Nikon D750 since its release in 2014. With excellent low-light performance and impressive autofocus, it remained a great choice from those stepping up from APS-C or for those who wanted to shoot full-frame but couldn’t always bring themselves to haul around the enormous D5.

Nikon’s product line might not be as crowded as that of Canon, but squeezing in another DSLR might be tricky given that many of those upgrading from the D750 might already have opted for the D850. Of course, the D760 will be about a grand cheaper, but then there’s the risk that the specifications of an updated camera might undermine the more “pro” alternative.

So, what can we expect? Nikon Rumors is suggesting a tweak to the button layout to bring it into line with the D500 and D810 and a boost to the number of autofocus points. We will undoubtedly see an increase from the D750’s 51 focus points (of which 15 were cross type) but without challenging the 153 (99 cross type) offered by the D850 — perhaps around 65 to 70. And will Nikon be sticking with the tilting screen, or will we see a significant upgrade? The D750 was the first full-frame Nikon to articulate, so will the D760 be the first to flip out?

In keeping with the impressive video capabilities offered by the Z 6 and Z 7, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect Nikon to offer some serious improvements in video performance too, and a flip-out screen could make the D760 even more appealing for hybrid shooters.

What are your thoughts? Are you a D750 owner looking to upgrade? What are you hoping for? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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-tweak AF/low light
-4k/60 1:1 focus peaking is a MUST!
- a bit better buffer
-1-2 uhs II SD slots
-maybe improve fps to 7
-bring tungsten AWB mode to D760
-bring raw L M S like in D850
-keep the same 24mp

It will be interesting to see if they release it or will Nikon follow Canon in extending the length between upgrades and dropping lines all together.

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Top wishes:
Better live view AF

Other wishes:
Better Wifi app
More resistant rubber that don't swell and detach after 1 year of use
Quiet mode that's actually quiet
Focus peak in live view
Auto metering function that could be assigned to a custom button (Like green button on Pentax)

The D760 will have to compete with the better featured and very reasonably priced Z6, so it will have to be quite a bit less expensive. Can Nikon price it at a point where it will be competitive, profitable and sell well? It’s not at all obvious that it’s possible.

I doubt it will happen. will sell for $2300 on release.like the D750 wait and see. it will sell 10 times better then the z6 if they put all the goodies inside.
the z6 is a half assed camera. gen 2 will be better but so many still want dslr.
I dont see myself going ML for at LEAST the next 5 years. let the system mature and work out the kinks first

I've got three D750s, and at a minimum I'd love to see:
- Much improved buffer and UHS II/XQD
- 1/8000 max shutter
- Improved metering sensor/3D tracking
- Improved AF point sensitivity/accuracy, wider AF point array

Give us a lower-res D850, or a prosumer body with U1/U2/U3 – doesn't need the resolution, doesn't need ISO 64 (of course it'd be nice), doesn't need the top viewfinder, doesn't need 9FPS max. All things to help differentiate the models.

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I hate them for dropping the U1/U2 presets on some models.
Seriously, it's a rather useful feature for multiple occasions, and since even the D600 had it, why can't the newer ones do too ?

Hope they bring the autofocus system ( at least in terms of speed & accuracy, and a wider spread of the focus points ) from the D850 to the D760.
I'd love to have such a thing for my second camera.

Only minor changes like a processor upgrade. Put the engineering into the mirrorless line and the higher end DSLR instead. Agreeing with Alex Ragen. I have a D7100, would like to upgrade to full frame. I will either go for a Z6 or a discounted D750. If I'm feeling generous then a D850.

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I suspect Nikon may go with their dysfunctional and annoying XQD/UHS-II storage arrangement, but I would much prefer to see 2 UHS-II cards slots.

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XQD is dead. In Australia almost no one stocks it, Soy has thrown in their hat with the CF Express.

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XQD was always dead, it's just that nobody ever noticed it. ;-)

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In addition to features already mentioned, I could use backlit buttons and touch screen functionality.

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Needs to focus on edge
I have the D750 and though I love it, I hated having to focus and recompose.
I've already upgraded to the Z6 so I won't be looking at any other camera for a while but I feel that if they continue to make Dslr's, they need to def have edge focus and low noise at 10k iso.

if they add video then they will have to add eye autofocus or subject tracking or both.

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The only way in hell they're going to sell any significant number of them in this environment is to basically pull a Sony and just make a D850 that's 24mp with better low light performance. Basically make it the A7 series (D760) to the A7R series (D850).

I think Sony has the right idea with the way they are clearly differentiating their models (at least for full frame). Low Light/Video (A7S), General Purpose (A7), High Resolution (A7R), and Sports/Action (A9).

I got tired of waiting and recently upgraded from my D610 to a D850.
Yes, the D850 is more expensive but I bought mine second hand, in mint condition with 800 shutter clicks and a Nikon battery grip! All for not much more than £2k

I’m wondering whether the D760 could share a new 30mp-ish sensor with the probably forthcoming D6? The D6 could be differentiated by pro build quality and the sheer speed of its data throughput.

Personally, I don’t believe there’ll be a D6, I think there’ll be a pro-mirrorless instead. Maybe there’ll be no D760 either - we have been waiting a long time for this rumour to come to fruition...

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I'm sure they'll be a D6, but I think it will be the last flagship DSLR.

It's in a category poised to sell; they could easily put in the specs that WOULD well. But they're going to overprice it--guaranteed, and thus further doom themselves to irrelevance.

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Most of Pro used Nikon D750 as a backup to either Nikon D5 or D810/800 and later on D850. The reason was good enough 24MP FF sensor along with good videos capability. With the new D760, it'll be either the backup to D850 or whatever upgrade D5 gets. While it being a traditional DSLR, Z series user might not consider it. While talking about specs, it would be the same as Z6 just without Mirrorless capabilities and few ups or down.

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One very small note -- the D5000 was the first Nikon DSLR with articulating screen. But a D760 with that feature would be the first full frame Nikon with it.

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Aha. My apologies. Thank you for the correction!

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No, the D850 has a screen that can pop out and tilt a little. The D5000 series of screens could or or less spin 360 degrees. You could even pop it to the side and spin it around, if you were using it to film yourself. It’s the one thing that baffled me when I upgraded.

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Why is Fstoppers lowering its editorial bar further by entering into the speculation game? There are already too many dedicated web sites and discussions where fan boys can drool with expectation over cameras that don't, and may never, exist.

Please stick to factual, non-speculative articles.

I hope Nikon will NEVER FLIP their screens out!
I love the tilt... much more useful, you simply pull it in millisecond, when you realize you need to go higher or lower... For a flip, I have to plan, to let go of camera, do the twist... ah, very irritating...

Jordan McChesney's picture

You really think so? I used the D5000 series of cameras for 7 years and since upgrading to the D850, pop-out flip screen is the one thing I miss. It made shooting possible at any angle.

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i'm expecting another recall.

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Really looking for and upgrade with higher iso performance.
A 30mpix sensor would be great.
Eye af also on dslr would be lovely.
Ive no need for video, but if in, 4k would be appriciated.
1/8000 of a second, I often run in issues and need to add a polaroid filter or a nd filter to stop down.
Bigger frame buffer. Current buffer is really at the lowest side.
Improved wifi, with option to set channels, current wifi version is a nightmare.
I hardly can use it for remote control with eg helcon remote.

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I have the D750 , it has 190k on the shutter. Only thing is the tiny buffer at 14 shots for 14 bit raw , 6.5fps is a tad slow as well. I got around that by shooting within its limitations. It was getting a bit tired so I forked out 2k on a used D4 in excellent condition with 40k on the shutter.
One thing the D760 needs is a pro body. Shooting up to 8fp and increase the buffer to 20+ 14 bit raws. 14 is just crap. Models available in SD or CF express models.
Maybe throw in the D810 36mp sensor.

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Eye detection AF, please! A must for us studio portrait shooters.