What Would You Do With 50 Gigapixels?

What Would You Do With 50 Gigapixels?

Recently, some of the engineering crew from Duke University with the assistance of scientists from the University of Arizona, University of California – San Diego, and Distant Focus Corp decided to slap together 98 minuscule cameras, each with a 14-megapixel sensor and capture an image with all of them through a single lens.

They called they're contraption the AWARE 2 camera system. Although the idea of a gigapixel camera has been around for a bit, it's still pretty crazy to see what the results of 50 of them can do.






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Cody J Miller's picture

Read your URL... "develop" is spelled incorrectly.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

It looks scary...

I thought my D800 files take up a lot of space, I think you'd need a lot of storage for these files!

If I had a 50gp camera I would take lots of pictures of mildly attractive girls walking near train tracks and then upload them to Facebook. 

remember to set your pop up flash in full power to get rid of those nasty shadows and give to photo a more professional look!

joel germain's picture

I wouldn't let douch near a 50 gigapixel camera... they will send ''giga-dick-pic'' to woman.

pATREUS's picture

reminds me of the zoom photos in Blade Runner

This has military and National security applications like no other....

You can't hide anymore!

the same I do with my 10mp camera, but eat up a lot more storage.

Brandon Luckain's picture

Coming soon to traffic cameras.