Which Leica System Is Right for You?

When most people think of Leica cameras, they think of their iconic rangefinders and associated lenses, but the company actually maintains several different camera systems. If you are interested in the Leica aesthetic and experience but are not sure which one is right for you, this excellent video review goes over three distinct full frame options and their differences, pros, and cons.

Coming to you from Justin Mott, this awesome video will show you the differences between the Leica Q2, Leica SL2, and Leica M10. All three cameras feature full frame sensors but have distinctly different design philosophies and user experiences. The Q2 features a fixed 28mm f/1.7 lens, meaning you need to, of course, be comfortable with using only a single focal length. On the other hand, both the M10 and SL2 offer interchangeable lens mounts with different advantages. The M10 is the classic Leica rangefinder experience, meaning you get small, portable lenses but none with autofocus or extreme focal lengths. The SL2, on the other hand, is part of the L mount alliance, meaning you get access to a large library of lenses (with autofocus) from a variety of manufacturers. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Mott. 

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Scott McDonald's picture

Nice comparison Justin...you think a lot like I do when it comes to how you're using the gear and why you're using a particular piece. I too prefer the M line after test-driving the other models...including Leica's smaller sensor systems. I too always feel drawn to the M for the same reasons that you do. I am quite satisfied with the 24MP M10 and have my old 18MP M9 as a backup if needed. I don't have the need for a larger MP camera since before buying into the M-system, I already invested in the A7RII and Sony-Zeiss 35-50-85mm lenses and for video, I bought a Canon M50 for its economical capabilities. Overall, I must say that there really is no way to really explain the "Leica M experience" without holding it and using it for yourself...it gets into your blood so to speak.

Clint Dunn's picture

Having owned an M8, the M240 and now the SL...I'm quite familiar with the different styles of shooting with different Leica systems. That said, for me the SL line is perfect. I love the fact I can use my rangefinder lenses with 100% VF accuracy, and focus is always bang on. In addition, I have the option to shoot AF with my combo of Leica and Panasonic L mount lenses.

I loved shooting rangefinder, but it is very limited in its ability. For me, the SL line is the perfect solution.

Timothy Roper's picture

With those M lenses on the SL, do you mean you can get 100% focus accuracy with focus peaking, or just with the VF image itself?