You Judge: Full Resolution Images from Nokia Lumia 1020

You Judge: Full Resolution Images from Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia's new massive megapixel cell phone has been a hot topic of conversation. The numbers look pretty impressive and the new features Nokia is touting (like manual focus) sound like a welcome addition to cell phone camera technology. But how well does the Lumia handle those 41 megapixels? You tell us.

Below are two 100% crops from a full resolution file that Nokia has provided to press:

zoom 1

zoom 2

You can also poke around the full 13+ meg file here.

You can look at a full res portrait on Nokia's site, but I grabbed a 100% crop from it which you can see below.

zoom 3

What do you think of the quality?

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Its a nice big blurry picture.

Spy Black's picture

You own an iPhone, don't you...

must be cracked.

well he is kind of right.. it´s big and it´s blurry... these ar facts.
the question is how it fares compared to other mobile phones.

Looks like quite a lot of noise with added noise reduction and some jpeg artifacts - which takes away from the resolution. But for what it is, I wish I had that camera in my phone. It down samples to 5MP (as option), so it will probably create some great 5MP files.

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Very noisy for a ISO100, but sharpness at center seems pretty good. would be nice to see the RAW

olivier borgognon's picture

Impressive image resolution, huge file, massive compression, it's not a clean 41mpx file coming out, but let's be reminded it's just a phone... and I would really love phone makers to provide us with ... a phone.

Difficult to stand having to recharge my phone twice or 3x a day because it has full computer functions... and it doesn't allow me to work with it's primary function (which has been relayed to wayyy back) for 24-48 hours.

Bruno Inácio's picture

With all that technology, I believe they can do phones with 2 months of battery between recharges.. but the market...

I have the Nokia 1520 and after a full day at the park with friends shooting pictures and video upon leaving I had 85% battery when everyone else was reaching for the chargers. the 1520 makes me happy because I think MAH should be posted on every cellphone box above all else in large bold print

you know. pretty good. Like the colours and contrast but man that distortion is horendous

mm... given that 99% of cell phone pics are cr*p snapshots, now the world gets 41 MP cr*p snapshots. Or are "serious" photographers expected to use this phone? I'll stick with my 5D MII and my 1D MIV, thank you very much...

i stick with my 1D X for a while too.... i think.

Have you been living under a rock? There's a whole lot of fantastic work out by people using their cell phones.

Serious photographers? the camera is only a medium.

I totally agree with tsuttle - people ask me frequently if it's a hassle to upload from my 5Dmk2 to my computer, then to my phone, then post... They don't understand or care that my iPhone's photos, while not 21 megapixels, are good because I understand lighting and composition, not because of the camera I shot it with. Is a 41MP mobile phone going to make my snapshots better? No. Does it hurt? No.

Spot on.

They need excuses as to why their photos aren't good enough. It's always the same. You know, my photos would be better with a SLR, the lens I was using was crap etc... So over it. At the end of the day, is 41mp going to make you a better photographer, no.

Where to start.

No, I most certainly haven't been living under a rock. Actually I've been shooting photos professionally part- or full-time since about 1970.

Second, your statement does nothing to invalidate my point.

The fact that *some* photographers have been able to take *some* good photos with a cell phone says nothing about the fact -- at the risk of being repetitive -- that 99% of all cell phone photos are cr*p snapshots. And as for the "fantastic" cell phone photos you've seen, ask the photographers to show you the rest they got at the same shoot.

Then, take a look at the examples here. Very well-lit broad scenes, or composed and lit under the direct control of the photographer with only a single, well-defined subject.

And these are hand-picked to put forward the very best photos that Nokia could find, have no doubt about that.

So in bright light or under controlled conditions the Lumina can pull off three OK photos. Fine. Show me what it can do under duress: low light, or heavily back-lit, or with non-subject objects in the foreground, or with motion. Etc, etc, etc. You know, the sort of real-world conditions real photographers have to deal with.

And show me everything you shot from the session. Not the three hand-picked best. Which is all these examples are.

In closing, one note. "Serious photographers? the camera is only a medium"

No, the camera is a tool. And if you're trying to claim that you can do equally good work with any tool, under any conditions, I know a lot of woodworkers, glass blowers and stone masons who just might disagree with that.

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All cell phones suffer from too much noise reduction, followed typically by some sharpening. A lot of P&S cameras do too. I wish they gave you the option to turn the damn thing off, I'd rather have a noisy image then something that looks like it's gone through Photoshop's DRY BRUSH filter.

ok, Im generation nintendo 64 and I was pretty impressed when my iphone had games coming out with better graphics. So this is kinda like a camera phone with better quality the rebel 350 I got when I first got into photography. It's not top notch (that compression is hideous and the grain is weird), but for being able to read the tiny little signs on the ground in the center, it's pretty impressive.

Bruno Inácio's picture

10 times the 350D.

ha! yeah really!

Not that impressed at all with the 41 MP crops. Considering they got caught for cheating before in their ads, I have no doubt that they used every possible way to improve on these pictures as well such as using tripods and studio lights or other things the average user doesn't use. The 5 MP versions are nice however.

Bruno Inácio's picture

uau... so impressive... NEEEEXT!!!! (by the way, this phone is a god friend from hdd brands! I would like to know, who will shoot 41mp with a phone.. ''...we need an outdoor for the new Mercedezzz campaign... Phase one, Hasselblad or Nokia Lumia?'' This, and almost all hi-tech brands nowadays are ridiculous..)

Andrew Griswold's picture

Impressive, bring a big "mobile photography" type I can see the benefits of having a little more quality in a small package but in the end you have to look at what the point of a large MP camera is currently in the market. I use my phone as an outlet for creativity for photos and also a gallery of inspriation that I snap along the way. With 16GB storage on my iPhone I can snag about 1500-2000 photos per month that I unload into the computer. That is at 8MP, now if I have 41MP pics filling my camera up what will that do for me when I need to just take a few snapshots? Do I have an option to choose downsizing for photos or will they all be 41MP? Maybe I am strange for wanting higher quality in the sensor and low light rather than just blowing out the MP size and now really changing anything else. I am impressed with the direction of phone cameras and I am all for upgrading the tech in them for better but this may seem a bit crazy, at the moment at least. Maybe down the road when we have larger servers space that can sync to the cloud faster or when phones have larger storage bases standard. Also MANUAL FOCUS!!!!??!?!

Now is this phone suppose to be marketed to "everyone" or just the power shooters? I could see myself snagging a large MP cell camera but I am a different breed when it comes to mobile photography. For the average person, I could see Nokia pushing them to buy this and then they are stuck with giant files bogging down their phone and computers at home.

Just my 2 cents, great to see there are some big updates to the cell phone game like the manual focus?!!! I am excited to see what comes in the near future. Obviously I have not looked at any other specs besides these stated in the article above so I will have to check out their site and see what else has been updated.

hyped disaster

Looks like a very very very big cell phone picture.

41MP Phone??? Yes I want one. It's a phone! I cannot compare it to a DSLR or even a compact because it is... a phone! I don' t care about noise or anything else because .. it's a Phone. Not so long ago phones were used to make.. phone calls and now they can take 41MP pictures! I can leave my D3s at home now and go out like a normal person who has a ... 41MP phone!

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Looks decently sharp, although very blurry in the corners.

In the corners of the 100% crop (most likely the center) of the image?

Thomas Jergel's picture

In the full size photo linked to in the article.

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