You've Never Seen a Lens Like This f/0.75 Lens

Bokeh fanatics, you read that right! This lens opens to an insanely wide f/0.75. If you are a fan of backgrounds being blown to smithereens, this might be the ultimate lens. Check out the unique look this 65mm f/0.75 lens creates.

Coming to you from Mathieu Stern, this neat video shows the kind of footage you can get using a 65mm f/0.75 lens. Before you head over to B&H, this is not a photography lens; it is actually used for x-ray machines, but it can be adapted for use with consumer cameras with a few limitations (most such lenses have a fixed aperture and fixed focal distance). For those of you interested in the math, f/0.75 is 0.83 stops faster than the already crazy f/1 and a whopping 1.8 stops faster than an f/1.4 lens. Believe it or not, there is actually precedent for lenses like this: Stanley Kubrick used several Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/0.7 adapted from NASA for filming candlelit scenes in "Barry Lyndon." I bought one on eBay several years ago, and while it was certainly not practical for any sort of real work, it was a ton of fun to play with. Check out the video above to see the lens in action. 

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Andrew Eaton's picture

why... the results are sh*t... if you want ridiculously shallow depth of field up the format size... 8x10 with a f6.3 lens is insanely shallow. F2.8 on full fame 645 medium format is also very shallow

Mu Tru's picture

And if F-stoppers was really serious about serving photographers rather than just getting clicks, we would have gotten an article /discussing/ the video and what the lens could mean to photography, rather than just a two paragraph marketing intro to it.

Jamal Matteson's picture

I was going to say, anyone who has shot large format has absolutely seen dof so shallow that most would find it problematic. Though some use it as part of the creative flow, yeah, acting like this is something completely unseen before is a joke.

Jerome Brill's picture

"You've Never Seen a Lens Like This f/0.75 Lens"

Is that because the depth of field is so shallow you can't tell what you're photographing?

Ivan Lantsov's picture

no detail

Jason Berge's picture

Excellent use of the word "HORRIDIBLE".

Timothy Kieper's picture

I think this was the lens Stanley Kubrick used to film the moon landing ?

Michael Harris's picture

For those who hate sharpness this is perfect!

sam w's picture

softer than a feather pillow!

Anthony Cayetano's picture

When Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landing, he wanted it to be as authentic as possible— so he shot the whole scene on-location.

Alex Herbert's picture

This is a video made by someone who likes to tinker with obscure lenses. He's not selling it and no one is recommending you get one, so why all the salty comments??