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Photographing Glass

My wife is an amazing glass artist, and has decided to build a portfolio. This is one of her smaller pieces.

I've been tasked with photographing the glass, and I gladly accept the challenge. I chose not to use a completely enclosed cube, opting instead for indirect lighting (to prevent glare) and lighting underneath to illuminate the...

First attempt

I have been wondering about product photography for a while, and when I bought this as a Christmas gift, I decided to see if I could get something I liked before wrapping it up. This is shot with one tightly gridded speedlight held above the vase and just out of shot, and a softbox just under the lens to fill in the shadow. The backdrop is a...

Water Solán de Cabras

Water Solán de Cabras
The main idea for thiswas to demonstrate the freshness and lightness of Solan de Cabras water, and at the same time use the beauty of the bottle and its color.
To demonstrate the lightness, the first idea was to shoot the bottle levitating and after i decided to add the feather to reinforce the idea ...


I did this shoot of beer can as we know being a photographer we should learn things everyday.
so please am open for critique please let me know how can i improve my shoots.


Perfume photography using a speedlite and four pictures with different lighting schemes to make the final composition.
I also post one of the photos before the edition.
CC are welcome.

BWW Hot Sauce

This was not shot for Buffalo Wild Wings. I've just had the idea for a while and wanted to use a brand that has some killer sauce.

This is a composite of 2 major images: one being the bottle with proper lighting, the second being the bottle with the flames being shot at it from behind. I used rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle to create...

Shoes: Under Armour Charged Lightning

Here's a recent shoot I did for a class assignment. I got an early Christmas present and the assignment was Product Photography, or in other words "sell me a product."

I include multiple variations of each image, most notably a "clean version" without lightning and then the electrified versions. If it wasn't clear, the lightning is...

Finlaggan Whiskey

From a recent product shoot. However, this is version 2. This image uses 3 lights and only some additional layers of the label and cap. Still a composite, it was built so the bottle can be isolated and the background reflections etc adjusted as needed. My previous attempt utilized only 1 light source and was composited from about 6-10 image,...


My first try with splash product photography.

I used 3 Elinchrom D-Lite 400ti strobes with Elinchrom Skyport HS+ trigger. These strobes have a very long flash duration which makes them perfect fit for the Skyport HS+ trigger. It enabled me to shoot this image at 1/8000sec for the splash part, ISO1600. Main shot is done at ISO100 and all...

Flying Coke Cans

I would like to get some feedback on this product shot.


Edge light: 2x Profoto B1 with stripboxes behind frosted perspex panels
Background: 1x Profoto B1 with 30° grid and blue color gel behind frosted perspex panel
Fill: 1x Elinchrom Pro Head 500Ws with standard reflector and 16° grid

Jewelry Photography

There are a lot of details when it comes to jewelry. There are beautiful, high-quality photos showcasing these details.
They are essential factors for a professional, consistent and reputable site, so retouch the jewelry product photography that photographers often fall into when photographing their products.

Want to improve your...


We know that everyone in different fields who wants to get the best result must invest effort, time and even money. However, these tips below, I hope to help you to save a lot of these things. Getting ready!

Cleaning product before taking photo

This is a very simple step that newbies rarely notice. If we take a little time to...

Sugar in the Raw

So besides shooting a lot of food photography I also shoot A LOT of knockout images for clients websites. Here is a recent shot I did for sugar in the raw. I believe it is being used both in their sell sheets to restaurants and to be used on their website. A lot of retouching but hopefully it doesn't really show.