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My first perfume photo

Hello everyone,

I want to share with you my first attempt of perfume photography. I did not have any photos of this important type of product in my portfolio. One day I created a final image in my head by looking at the bottle, and then I translate it into reality. The lighting was a bit tricky due to the reflections on the bottle and...

My First Attempt

This was my first attempt at product photography. This was lit using a table lamp diffused by two sheets of tracing paper, a silver bounce card, an Ikea battery operated night light and a snooted cell phone to light the label. The setup looked ridiculous but I think the shot came out great. Water was composited in in Photoshop. Any tips for...


Perfume photography using a speedlite and four pictures with different lighting schemes to make the final composition.
I also post one of the photos before the edition.
CC are welcome.


My first try with splash product photography.

I used 3 Elinchrom D-Lite 400ti strobes with Elinchrom Skyport HS+ trigger. These strobes have a very long flash duration which makes them perfect fit for the Skyport HS+ trigger. It enabled me to shoot this image at 1/8000sec for the splash part, ISO1600. Main shot is done at ISO100 and all...

Ba a Captain

A product shot using shallow DOF and bokeh. C&C welcome. Interested in comments around DOF and overall lighting.

Handy Recorder as a Product

Does this image looks like a stock photography more than a product photography ? Well ofcourse, I would remove any brand name if I wanted to upload as a stock. But I took this image as a product photography. I basically setup an environment/background to be more focussed on like a productivity desktop (it can be a music studio too) where the...

Another watch

Hi, Brian Rodgers Jr. inspired me to take another picture of my watch. I recently bought a new strap for this watch which is not too scratchy yet, so i took it at a sandblasted aluminium blade and try to light it in a way that the strap and the watch shows nice gradients. Comments are appreciated.

Line 39 Wine

Tried doing this shot with a lighting setup that's a little different from the way bottles are typically shot. Any comments appreciated.


I´m fascinated about the shape and the colors of these flacons, so i tried to take both in one picture. This is a work for myself just for training. Any comments are appreciated

Concept in advertising images - How important is it?

Whilst I think that it's important to have a well lit and compost subject for a product image, I also think that concept is equally important.

In this image I've tried to convey the way in which reading a book surrounds us by words, it allows us to be removed from our normal, everyday environmental as we are immersed in the words and...

Picture of a mouse

Hi, i just bought this mouse because i searched a flat mouse. I was fascinated about the surface of this mouse and the reflection of the light from this surface. I tried to capture this in a photo. How do you think about the lighting? Comments are welcome. Thanks, Matthias

How to light a "spa"?

I'm going to be shooting spas and swim spas in the plant. They are going to lay them on their side in a corner of the building or something. (see random image I found on google) I was wondering what might be the best light setup for that.

I was thinking just two studio strobes with large softboxes or maybe 7 foot umbrellas? Or possibly...

Help with crazy plastic surface & relections

I'm shooting some basic products in their packaging on white, usually a simple gig. This set of products are sold direct to commercial clients so the packaging consists of a product card in either a sealed or ziplock plastic bag. They are also soft, bulky, and organic shapes. I'm having a heck of a time getting a clean look (sample posted). So...