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Artistic hotel nude

I shot this last year when I was back in Toronto visiting and had a great time shooting with this middle eastern model. It's one of the few photos that I processed in B&W and not just to make it more artistic but to help eliminate the distractions of colors in the photo.

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If you want to show beauty, shoot in colour. If you want to show truth, shoot in black and white.

Personally I find truth to be far more beautiful than the skin deep beauty of colour. I really love this shot. It is harsh, it has none of the fake Photoshop glamour processing that produces Barbie doll images and yet it is beautiful and sexy.... but it is a genuine, unafraid beauty and sexiness... and I don't just mean the model.

Love the high key nature of the shot while still having areas of deep shadow. In each there is just enough detail for me to know what I'm looking at. All in all a very compelling image.

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As stated before its harsh, a bit too harsh for my liking. In Lightroom hold the ALT key when using some of the sliders and you'll be able to bring the tones to the edge where they still have some texture and therefore are not a total washed out images (unless that is what you were going for). Images is interesting in the expression. Her upper body could use a bit more tone(texture) just to separate it from the wall.

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Thanks for the comments:
@dan - The original is in color and I usually don't change my photos to B&W but I thought this one would work well since it is very emotional and it doesn't need color to detract from that. Also it is a fully nude shoot but at first look it doesn't seem like it in B&W.
@jon - I agree that the flash is very strong in this shot, and it washes out her chest due to the reflection of the light in the fridge at the center of the image right under her arms. I usually don't use Lightroom to process photos but do it in Photoshop instead.

I agree with Jon in this. It is an interesting shot, but I am finding it hard to like it. My major issue is that you have very little detail in the model, but have left a lot of detail in the surroundings, such as the pattern on the chair behind her and the texture in the wood in front. Plus the fridge below her doesn't add anything. It might be that you were stuck for where you could shoot her, but a little more post processing would leave you with a stronger image.

Keep experimenting though and I am keen to see some more of your work.

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I really like this shot, for me it would work clothed but the nakedness creates a form of being stripped back defencelessness - could easily be a still fro a film noir