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Phillip Breske's picture

Victoria at Scott Spring, Ocala

It was a cool weekday when Victoria and I started shooting in this sinkhole in an Ocala park. There was a park ranger in the area who left about five minutes after we arrived and after that, we were alone to pick and choose the best angles and poses.

I love this kind of "guerrilla" photography. Get in and get out with no permission and no hassles. And get great photos.

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Bill Lemon's picture

I know this guerrilla style but the posing on both images needs improvement.

Phillip Breske's picture

How about a suggestion? "Needs improvement" doesn't tell me much.

Bill Lemon's picture

Google art nude photography, or buy one of my books...

Mike Young's picture

My understanding is we are a community supporting each other's learning - there's nothing wrong with commerciality but I don't think that's the expectation here.

Two nice captures, shows her body strength very nicely.

Ruth Carll's picture

Hey Phillip - Nice work. Bssed on these and you other work, you get some seriously dedicated models! The second image is the most successful for me of the two. I kind of expect a dragon to appear out of the cave to claim his virgin sacrafice!

Phillip Breske's picture

Oh, you have no idea. My original intent was for me to get inside the cave and shoot her silhouetted against the outside light, but the water level in the sinkhole was too high for me to get across with my gear. No worries; she waded through the hip-deep water and climbed up the side of the rocks to get the second shot here, among others. I love a model who doesn't complain and doesn't mind when I have a crazy idea.

josef sumner's picture

Phillip, i agree — seriously?

Mike Young's picture

I think in the second shot I may have opted for a more helpless pose, right arm draped to the side or something like andromeda chained to the rocks before Perseus arrives.

Phillip Breske's picture

We may have tried something like that, but these are a few years old and I can’t remember exactly. I might go back and look at what other poses we shot this day. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sue G's picture

Poses need improvement is clear to me .. the first one sucks and the model needs to buy a pose book and be author of her own poses.
The second pose is OK simple but photograher blew the highlights and shadows.

Phillip Breske's picture


First, what is the purpose of a pose book if the model is supposed to author her own poses? Wouldn’t that be plagiarism?

“[B]lew the highlights and shadows”? I don’t understand. There isn’t a single white pixel in the image and there is a cave in the background, so I figure the highlights are okay and there isn’t any light in the cave.

Please help me understand your comment.

Sue G's picture

A pose book will help your model build on her own so will published pics. All models study poses done previously done by others. If this was your directed pose then you need to study it also. Same as for studing exposure. Learn from others and you might become a better photograher.

Sue G's picture

Easy .. You are consistent .. lousy ..

Phillip Breske's picture

Hah! Thumbs up for that one!

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Phillip, I can see where Sue is saying the second image has blown highlights. The model is very very bright. Glowing bright in fact. This is one of scenarios where histograms/white points might fail you. Histogram is showing that image slightly underexposed, yet, the model is just way bright.

To fix, if you so choose, should only take about 42.3 seconds. Basically, add a RGB curves layer. Paying attention only to the model, drag down the middle until you see shadows and detail. Put a mask to the layer and paint in the adjustment to the model only. Then, fine tune to taste. I can show you an example if you like.