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Just one photo

Taken as an after thought, at a neighbor's pool. Just a little implied

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Mike Young's picture

Aside from my curiosity as to why someone is naked in your neighbors pool...there is a nice tone of confidence and relaxed possibly, mild amusement in the face of the subject. Bar the nakedness, it could be a normal pool shot.

Phillip Breske's picture

I need new neighbors.

Kidding aside, I dislike the sunglasses. They really prevent any kind of personal interaction with the model, especially since it's obvious she's looking at the camera and so I'd like to be able to share that gaze. Obviously, looking so close to the direction of the sun might force he to squint in agony (she seems to be halfway there anyway, with her left eye catching some spill from the edge of the sunglasses), so maybe standing to her right and having her look away from the sun and into the lens without the glasses would work better for me. But other than that, she seems to be attractive and it's a nice photo she should be fond of.