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Flash - Yongnuo 685 and 622TX Triggers

Hi all!

I have 2 flashes, 2 receivers and 1 controller. One flash/receiver mounts on my camera and the other flash/receiver mounts on a light stand. I use this set up for small receptions. As I am newer to this system, Is it possible to control off camera flash in manual while keeping on camera flash manual by using the controller in...

Good Morning Leman

This is a sunrise view over one of the biggest european lake, the Leman Lake in switzerland.

In october the sunrises next to the lake are so peaceful especially on a sunday morning.

in summer this place is totally crowed by people searching some refreshment.

One other advantage of sunrise in winter, you don't have to wake...

When art meets Bilbao

This shot was also taken during "Reflections" show by 59 Productions celebrating the XX anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Three different times during sunset-late blue slot were necessary to compose this shot. The city was achieved with two shots, a late sunset hour to get the burning sky and the ambient light of the...

Toronto photographer seeking advice!

Hey all,

I've recently picked up a DSLR again and got the shutterbug! A little history on my past shooting experience...

Last camera I had was a Canon 7dmk1 with a 24-70L I and a 24L. Back then I was mainly shooting automotive stuff which was great. Fast forward to now, I just picked up a used Canon 1dmkii off kijiji/craigslist...

The lonely tree

A lonely tree at the desert of Mount Bromo - Indonesia
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I'm sure if you have seen any of my other work on here you know I am primarily a food/food product photographer. I recently did this shoot to help sell-in my client's products into a restaurant and grocery store. There were obviously more images than what I am showing here but I felt like these two were a good representation of the work. What...

Window light

I do use a lot of window light for my portraits where I get some nice contrasty portraits which I love. I have controlled the contrast on this one and not killed the blacks so much .However , CC is welcome.
Thanks in advance ,

Wedding retouching

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Glamour Retouching is a particular kind of photo enhancement mostly for commercial use. In fact, it deals with professional models’ resumes or magazine cover retouching. Furthermore, in the sphere of glamour photo editing, every detail should be of great importance. As it exists for making every ordinary shot bright and worth everybody’s...