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Trying something new.

I really don't have much experience with nude photography. Incorporating it into my understanding of boudoir has been an interesting feat. From doing my homework, it seems there needs to be a good balance to create a tasteful nude image without having it come across as overtly sexual. The challenge to capture the beautiful form of the body in a way that tells the story I wanted to tell is still very much a newer challenge to me.

Fortunately, my wife was a great model and was willing to help work with me on finding the right poses/lighting and composition. Shooting this style is a lot more difficult than I had imagined!

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Love the light hitting her ribs- tastefully done shot!

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Thank you so much! I still think I have a lot to learn with boudoir in general, but slowly I think I'm getting the hang of it!

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Looking forward to seeing more!

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beautiful shot. It's quite helpful to have such an available subject too!


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I also love the use of cooler tones in this image. It adds to the sense of calm I get from the photo.