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April's Shooting Assignment: One Pose, Three Ways

As discussed in a thread last month, I'm going to start posting monthly shooting assignments in this group, starting now! (Sorry I'm getting off to a bit of a late start.)

Originally, I was going to call this a monthly shooting "challenge," but that made it sound like it was some type of contest, which isn't my intention. The point of these assignments is for us to simply try something new and/or hone your current photography skills, and then share our results with the group to hopefully provide inspiration for others or receive some constructive criticism, per your request.

**Note: If someone does not request CC in their post, please respect that. Sometimes, people just want to post their work because they're proud of it, not because they want to hear what you think is wrong with the photo or how you would have done it better. If you feel like you have some HELPFUL advice for them, please ask first if you may give them some feedback.**

This month's shooting assignment is One Pose: Three Ways. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received when I was first starting out was to "walk around the shot," meaning once you have your client posed, take a moment to walk around him/her and see the pose from various angles. Sometimes, you'll be amazed at the amount of variety you can derive from ONE pose by simply changing your shooting angle or focal length.

I am going to kick off this assignment by submitting three photos I took last month of a beautiful friend of mine in the woods behind my house. As you can see, her basic pose doesn't really change, only my shooting angle, focal length, and her own variations of hand placement and facial expression change.

Now, it's your turn! Let's see what you've got. :)

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3rd is very good :) (in the others I dislike the shadows in her face a little).

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I love playing with shadows. The late morning/early afternoon was the only time of day that she could shoot, so I had to do the best I could with the harsh sunlight. I actually really like the way these turned out, which is why I didn't request any CC in my post, but I do value and appreciate your opinion. :)

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These are my submissions, I hope I did this correctly :)

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These are gorgeous, Eric! I would recommend posting them to the main "wall" as a separate discussion, though. That way everyone is sure to see them. :)

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Thank you Courtney! Yes I can do that. would love to share my work with the group.

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excellent . I love her eyes. she can talk with her eyes