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Boudoir in a field

Well not exactly boudoir but you get the idea. Had censor a few shots from the shoot so we could post them as #instasafe to and her personal feed.

The images in this post have been flagged as NSFW.
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Lovely photos of a lovely model, I'd call them more glamour than boudoir since they are in a field after all. :)

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Thank you! And yeah this set does go to glamour category more than in boudoir.

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Great shots Antti!

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Thank you Dave!

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Excellent. Nice poses and natural, outdoor setting. Do you also have versions in color, as I bet the warm 'harvest' tones would compliment the color of the model's hair?

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Thank you Frank! Actually it was too early so the color palette was still mostly green and I pictured the shoot as B&W from the start as I usually tend to do :)

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These are nicely done, I like them.