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Mounting dlsr to a telescope

Anyone had experience of mounting a dlsr to a telescope. I was gifted a celestron nexstar 127slt a while ago and have seen people on youtube mount a dlsr to it. Wondering whether anyone here has done this, wondering whether the motor on the telescope will be compromised with the extra weight? Wondering whether to switch off auto focus so that the motor on the camera won't be compromised. Also wanted to a mentor or point me in the direction of websites that could benefit me.

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btw i have 0 experience but this is a link to an adapter

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Hi joseph, Thanks for the info. but I have an adapter to the telescope. The telescope has the motor, I just needed a ring to fit the camera to the telescope. About $10. I will post photos when I get any. This is a new avenue for me.

Thinking of getting gear for that same purpose as well, isn't that a T2 adapter?

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Yes a T adapter. That is correct. I believe there might be another apart - I think a T tube (not sure if that is the correct term) but I think I have that in my kit. Not familiar with the jargon and going through that learning curve.

I'd turn off auto focus for night sky photography in general, nothing more annoying than losing infinity focus in pitch darkness.

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A lot of bird enthusiast do this. Why not search out some of their websites.