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Dailyn at Virginia Key Beach, Miami

When I lived in Miami, I worked with Dailyn so often that I lost track of our sessions. She's beautiful, of course, but also very comfortable in front of a camera. I do miss my Miami models.

This was shot nearing sunset at low tide when the dead tree she's on is easily accessed from the beach. At high tide, the bulk of the tree is under water. As a lesson to new photographers near the ocean, I would suggest you acquaint yourselves with the tide charts in your area. The beach contour can be wildly different at times of high or low tide and one may be far better than the other for shooting on the beach.

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Beautiful image, the light and contrast are striking.

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Thank you. I used to love shooting on that beach. It's a bit of a walk from parking, but there is usually no one else around at the end of the day.