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Electric linemen working all at once, Ocala

I was hired by the local municipality to shoot several dozen images of the electric crews working on the lines in and around Ocala, FL. The manager of the department and the city's cultural director then sat down with me and we chose about 24 images to be printed and displayed on the walls of the utility's headquarter building. This was a fun project for me because I used to work as a telephone technician in Miami, but was never able to take pictures of my co-workers doing our job.

I like the way the electric lines come in from five different directions and the three buckets are carefully working within the lines. (This was chosen as one of the five displayed in the lobby and I printed it at 26" x 42".)

As a warning to anyone working for hire by a large company or government entity: They are slooooow with the money. It took forever to get paid. Not because they were withholding it from me, but because the checks need to go through so many different departments and approvals that it could be weeks before you finally see payment.

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interesting shot and perspective nice sky too