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Elaina at Infinite Ale Works, Ocala

I happen to know the owner of a local microbrewery and as they were moving into a new building, I asked if I could use the space for a photo shoot before the tanks were due to be placed inside. I love the old, dirty windows. Unfortunately, before we arrived to shoot, the floors had been resurfaced, so they didn't match the aesthetic of the windows, but I'm not sure how many people are going to notice the floors in this shot, anyway.

All available light from the window you see and one in the wall behind the model.

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nice shot where and how are you getting all these models

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Here and there. I met Elaina at a local Starbucks location. I heard her talking to the barista about makeup and correctly assumed she worked in that industry. I introduced myself and asked about makeup and modeling. It turned out she does makeup for other photographers and she had dabbled a bit in modeling herself, but it wasn't something she was very comfortable with. She doesn't have a high esteem of her owns looks (which is, obviously, preposterous). She and I have worked together a few times and she is always amazing looking.