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Phillip Breske's picture

"The Honeymoon Suite" and clouds, Cedar Key

This was one of the most photographed structures on the Gulf Coast of Florida until its eventual demise at the hands of a hurricane a few years ago. I photographed it a few times over the years and each time it was leaning just a little bit closer to the water. Now nothing remains but the photos made by thousands of people who have visited Cedar Key.

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Ruth Carll's picture

Hello Phillip. I think this is one of your best images. It is technically spot on as far as I can tell. The composition is perfect. This is top notch!

Phillip Breske's picture

Thanks, Ruth. This is one of my favorites, too. I’ve gone back to this location a few times over the years, trying to get a better shot of this subject, but have never been able to replicate the perfect storm of lighting and weather conditions.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Love this one, Phillip. As usual, I'd be aping Ruth to say more. :-(

I think you Floridians give me cloud envy.

Phillip Breske's picture

That's okay. Everywhere else gives us hill/mountain envy.

Alison Pascal's picture

Beautiful drama and contrast in the clouds!