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Gary McGillivray-Birnie's picture

Walls have ears

© 2020 Gary McGillivray-Birnie
Model: Cecelia @ceceliashaw.model
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Lighting: Profoto USA Profoto D1 with 5foot octabox

Hasselblad H6d-50c Lens: 80mm
ISO: 100, Aperture: f/9, Shutter: 1/125s

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1 Comment

Janno Liivak's picture

Love model and her pose and tones!

But this vertical line and the pipe below are annoying :) Are the darker areas edited in software or how did you managed to get such "spots" with listed lights?

EDIT: nevermind ... got the answer ;) https://fstoppers.com/photo/406863