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B-17G "Nine-O-Nine": Never forgotten.

A few months ago, one of the few remaining B-17G Flying Fortress airplanes crashed during a tourist flight in Connecticut. Sadly, seven people and the plane were lost.

When I read the news, I thought the name of the plane sounded familiar. I remembered shooting some photos at a local airport many years ago, but couldn't remember exactly when that was and so I couldn't readily find the photos.

Today I was browsing through my archives looking for something else and found the shots I made at Dunnellon airport back in 2006. This is the same bomber that crashed in CT. I wouldn't say these are my best work or even that I was going for any kind of artistic look, but I think it's important for us, as photographers and documentarians of history, to maintain our images so airplanes like this will never be completely lost to time.

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David Pavlich's picture

Nice group of shots! My Dad was a flight engineer on a G model. :-)

Phillip Breske's picture

Nice. I hope you have heard every story he has to tell.

David Pavlich's picture

Pretty much. He told me about flight training in the wilds of Texas. They actually flew low strafing runs, if you can imagine that. But, he was in the top turret, so didn't take part. As they would approach a ranch that was on the edge of the gunnery range, the pilot would gain altitude and call 'cease fire'. Once in a while, you'd hear a short burst. Sure enough, a rancher would show up at the base with a bullet pulled out of one of his cattle.

Alan Brown's picture

Good point Phillip, you never know when the opportunity will be lost..

David Pavlich's picture

He passed away quite some time ago. WWII vets didn't talk much about what happened. My uncle went in on D-Day +10 and ended up in Patton's 3rd Army. He never spoke much about it. My Dad told me some of the horror stories that his brother wouldn't tell.

D Man's picture

You gotta love these ol planes...

Luke Crowley's picture

Great shots

Shawn Mahan's picture

I love vintage planes in black and white!