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family photo

I took 7 photos one of each person in our family and stiched them altogether into 1 panoramic image. this is the fist time I have ever tried doing anything of this sort so if you don't mind I would love some feedback.
I use external flash for the lighting.

UPDATE: second photo.
I just staked the photos closer together.

taken with sony 6400
any CC appreciated

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krohenzo's picture

Hey Jeremy, 14 and so creative.That really great. I think looks great.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Jeremy, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and aesthetic judgment! And hard work for these images. Both are great, just different in their impact. I hope your family all love this. Wonderful idea and execution.I can't think of any CC. Perfect as they are. Keep inspiring us!

That top one would make a great print, ideally with life-sized heads, posted at eye level in a corridor or entrance hall.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

thanks Chris.
my family all love it especially my mom.

krohenzo's picture

This second photo reminds me of a artwork from Salvador Dali. Its called" The Dream". If you want your own artwork you can post processing your heads like that painting. melting down as one.

Ruth Carll's picture

Someday in going to say "i remeber him when he was just getting started..." you rock Jeremy!

Chris Jablonski's picture

I replied to Jeremy's first post. So there.

(Hope he remembers, and offers me a chance for a show in his gallery.)

darin gabbert's picture

Maybe, if I send him $5 now...

Chris Jablonski's picture

Send $10 to me, and I'll put in a word for you, Darin.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

thanks everyone....
lol.. Chris i dont think il ever get that famous..xd

Jeremy Martignago's picture

heres the painting..... lol
just a screen shot from a website which dose it automatic.

krohenzo's picture

Lol, looks like a million dollar painting. I must admit it looks very decent.I wonder what other ppl will say.

krohenzo's picture

try to post it in


Think they like it.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

its just a screen shot from instapaint

Alan Brown's picture

Late getting in here - great work Jeremy I love the creative effect, very professional!

Gus FA's picture

like the concept, I wouldn't know which one to choose, they're both great.

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Jeremy. am mazed by both collages and seeing such work for the first time. however, for me, image 1 with separation managed to hold the attention more. Image 2 taught to experiment with lighting to have more separating shadows in composition perhaps. each face element retained good texture.
irrespective of composition kudos for having superb tonality as well. cheers.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

Thanks Vijay.
il keep that in mind if i do it again..

Dennis de Geest's picture

Very nice, great creativity and performance