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Phillip Breske's picture

Belleview water tower, two versions

This photo of the Belleview water tower was made just after sunrise a few years ago. I've processed it in two ways with different filter treatments. I'm curious which you think is nicer. (The one with the dark sky is the more recent conversion and includes the removal of a few branches on the periphery that I didn't like.) Or maybe they both suck. Either way, I'd like your opinion.

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Phillip. among the two, 2nd image with dark sky appeal more to me. However, as composition circular water tank clear of tree branches could be better.

Phillip Breske's picture

I agree, however the tower is inside a fenced compound and this is the closest place to take a photo from this angle. Especially if you want the sunrise behind the tower.

Luke Crowley's picture

For me the second image feels more dramatic and expresses the height of the tower far better. However the first image allows a better view of the outer edge of the tank and more detail throughout the shot.

Maybe if you darkened the Spanish Moss in the upper portion and brought back a little light to the second.

Alan Brown's picture

Before I read and am influenced by other comments.....

On first glance I prefer the original. It feels more natural and the added contrast draws the eye through the image. I think I also prefer having the stray branches left & right visible as I feel they help keep the viewer in the frame.

The second image feels like a negative to me, but I can fully understand other opinions being swayed this way.

Alan Brown's picture

.. and there we have it... after reading other viewpoints it appears we have mixed opinions, which I'm guessing you may have forecasted.
Lucky for you Phillip there is only one that really matters, and that is your own!