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Queen Dieynaba

Nikon D610
Nikkor 85mm f1.8
1/1000 || f1.8 || ISO100
Godox AD360 in a 36" octabox

Dieynaba is originally from Africa. The fabric worn was brought over and made into this elegant dress by Sheraz Pompey Designs. The crown was handcrafted by Christie Nelson with AnnMann Designs. The goal of this shoot was to make Dieynaba...

Alpine lake in October

Hello everyone, I think it is my first post here. I wanted to show you the Emerald calmness photograph I tool a few weeks ago.
This October we were gifted with many warm, bright and sunny days here in Southern Germany. But it happened that the only day I chose to go to shoot sunrise at this amazingly beautiful lake in Bavarian Alps was...


This photo was taken near the city of Pula in Croatie. We had beautiful sunsets every night, with a lovely peace of coast where this fisherman was easing his way to catch some dinner :)

I thought this was a nice capture just below the setting sun, while he was taking a rest, probably enjoying the view as well

Assisting and Second Shooting

Hello all,

I've recently stumbled into the wedding photography career. I was asked to shoot a friends wedding and after that experience I was hooked. I would love to assist and possibly second shoot. I live in a great city that is a major destination for weddings. I know there are many articles written about what to do as an assistant or...

My dreamed shot :)

El Chaltén, and specifically the Fitz Roy mountain has been photographed a million times (at least) by every hiker or photographer visiting Patagonia. The sunrise there it's amazing during certain time of the year, you can see the light hitting the mountain for a few minutes. This lagoon is located 10 kms away from the town, you have to trek...


As I was going through my old photos this photo came up and Mandalay Bay was right there in my face zoomed in. Never have I posted this photo before because it didn't show the full Vegas strip, but I new exactly what to do when I found it again. So I added the VEGAS STRONG text and blended it into the clouds to give it that extra touch it...