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Sigma 150-600

I'm looking for something a bit longer than my Canon 100-400, and my father-in-law has been translating for them from English to Spanish, so we had a long talk about the newer lenses today. Anyone have any practical experience with the Sport or Contemporary? I can't decide which to get.

Opinions welcome.

New to Headshots - some advice?

Hi all... first post here in the group.
I had actually posted some shots earlier today... but I realized that I didn't discuss posting them online with the subject before I posted them... so I took them down until I can get her to give me the okay.

I'm a pretty new photographer (only shooting DSLR since November '14) and I am...

Platinum/Palladium Prints

I am a big fan of Platinum/Palladium prints and would like to start offering them as an option for portrait clients. Trying to decide if I should go the digital enlarged negatives from a straight shoot or have a full on large format option with my film cameras. Is anyone else offering this or something similar? If so how has it been received.

That Brown One

This is a field with a abandoned rotting barn on the other side of it. The fog decided I wasn't getting that shot. I think I ended up with something better. I really like and hate this image. It was almost flawless. Once I got it on the computer I noticed one brown leaf in the lower center of the image. That one brown leaf gives me heart burn...


Its always a challenge to shoot natural light headshots midday on a bright day, but I have a couple of 'go to' locations that offer good cover with lots of light coming at us from different angles. These shots were taken on an open air ice skating rink in downtown Vancouver - summertime so no ice - that has a domed skylight cover and lots of...

Welcome to the Retouching group!

Hello and welcome to the Retouching group, please feel free to post your questions & retouching/post-production work. Please mention if you'd like feedback or help with anything specific when you post.

A little About Me :

I am a Professional Retoucher based in the United Kingdom.I was also born & raised in the United...

Repurpose old gear

I've had the Nikon V1 since it came out.....obviously never became what i intended it to be. Was late to sell it, so end up keeping it. I've tried multiple times to repurpose it. Finally think I found a good use for it, video. I also recently purchased a xiaomi yi camera and so end up attaching it on top to get a super wide view.



To all new members, welcome to the group! I hope that this can serve as a place for food photographers to share their work, get advice, and discuss the industry. Feel free to create threads if you want to have your work critiqued, share a new technique, talk about the business side of things, or whatever else. In this thread, I'd love for you...


I'm a german beauty&glamour portrait photographer with a passion for ballet & dance. It's based on the history, that I was a ballroom formation dancer in the past.
Let's start discussions and show our work

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