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100mm macro for Portraits??

Disaster struck early on during a wedding I shot early last year, I dropped my canon 85mm from about 6 feet and it stopped focusing completely.... I only had 20 minutes to photograph the bride and groom so reached for the canon 100mm f2.8 L and was so happy with the results I haven’t looked back, it’s now my go to lens for my couples portraits...

Rasta Man

Hello Group
I am a new member and thought I would share one of my work to the group. I call it 'Rasta Man' as it is unusual for a Rasta to take a photo much less a nude photo but he was different.

Rastas is a man or woman living a frugal lifestyle from worldly pleasures and accoutrements. They do not eat meat, salt or any man made...

Artistic hotel nude

I shot this last year when I was back in Toronto visiting and had a great time shooting with this middle eastern model. It's one of the few photos that I processed in B&W and not just to make it more artistic but to help eliminate the distractions of colors in the photo.