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Classy portrait

Had a great photoshoot with this beautiful model/dancer Kristina. We met for the first time and everything went super well.

I wanted to do some classy look studio shoot, i used only one main light (Elincrom RX One + 60x60 softbox) with one reflector.

I think everything worked for use and we had a good time.

I hope you...

Queen Dieynaba

Nikon D610
Nikkor 85mm f1.8
1/1000 || f1.8 || ISO100
Godox AD360 in a 36" octabox

Dieynaba is originally from Africa. The fabric worn was brought over and made into this elegant dress by Sheraz Pompey Designs. The crown was handcrafted by Christie Nelson with AnnMann Designs. The goal of this shoot was to make Dieynaba...

Consistent Backgrounds

I'm wondering how JCrew gets their backgrounds so consistent.
Check this out:

If any of you shoot eComm you'll know if you move even an inch from the background you'll get changes in the background brightness. I know the exact lighting setup that they use...

Instagram Pod

Hi guys!
I'm thinking about setting up a Instagram pod for wedding photographers. So the idea is to gather a group of 15 members (maximum limit for group DM on Instagram is 15) for those who post quality images about 2-3 times per week.

The idea is to get a group of talented photographers together who value quality over quantity...

2 light setup

2 softbox 60cm x 60cm D-lite one light and get side light. for me big thing :) but hope all my photos is not bad. now new place where can take photos en peace so winter time can be in own small studio.