Do you have Search Console?

To know if Google can see, index and rank your site, get Google Search Console. It will show you easily if Google sees any errors, among so many other things, in your website making it difficult or impossible to crawl.


Introduce Yourself Here

Welcome to the group! Please introduce yourself and anything else you want to share... where you're from, how you got in to photography, what you like to shoot, etc.

I'm Barb. I got in to photography because I figured out how to use my camera. I like to shoot sexy men, alcohol and fast cars. :D

Whatcha Workin' On?

Hi! What are you working on this week for your website?

I finally finished my lead intake form. Someone comes to the website, finds out about an SEO review, can input some information. They they get an automatic email with the pricing and contract to pay and bam! I get started.

Works for client leads for photo shoots too, which...

4 Kick Ass Podcasts… You Will Want to Binge Listen

Why 4? Because you always see lists of 3 and 5. Never 4.

As a runner, I found myself getting tired of listening to the same music on repeat. I couldn’t always be connected to the internet depending on my route. So what to do? Podcasts!! I am subscribed to 22 podcasts. Some personally inspirational, some marketing, some creative. I find...

Biggest Online Marketing Challenge

For my photography website, my biggest challenge is finding ways to build local content. I don't have a studio or a solid address. I recently started blogging about networking groups that I like. Of course I blog about shoots.

What is your biggest online marketing challenge?