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Shadow Ban on Instagram affecting business?

Has anybody had any trouble with this shadow ban? I thought it was just a rumor at first but I've noticed that my post are now getting significantly less interaction. I used to average about 250 likes per image, now it takes forever to break 100.

For those who haven't heard about it, their saying that if you post your hashtags in the...

Fashion photography pod

Hey! I'd love to set up a Fashion photography Pod, somewhere where we can like/comment on each other's photos etc. I'd like to limit it to fashion/beauty photography/maybe portrait. If you're interested comment your handle below and I'll add you.

You can find me on Instagram under @sadowskaphoto :)

Feedback on Background Lightning

Hey guys, new to the group, I'm actually still in high school, and just started retouching this photo from a recent shoot so neither color or retouch is finished but I wanted some feedback about the contrast with the dark background, I personally like the dramatic light, but what does everyone think.

Places of another place

El Bierzo, in general, is not granitic, however, in this crack sculpted by the Boeza river the rocks are granite. They are different from what I'm used to seeing when I go for a walk in the woods, their rounded shapes attract my attention and together with the reflections of the water they seem an interesting subject.

Asking for a little CC

My family took a day trip to Dry Falls in Highlands, NC, and I had the opportunity get some great shots throughout the day. On the way back, I quickly snapped this photo of the base of the falls. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to step off the trail to get a better view and I was being rushed back to the car so I just took the quick shot.


A 3 hour tour.

Had a test shoot the other day and decided to take out the boat for it. The day was going great, we were getting some awesome images. While I was distracted shooting, I didn't notice the tides going out and before I realized it the boat was completely out of the water. I truly felt like Gilligan that day my friends. Thankfully the model was a...

Mossy Tree with fern

I would love some CC on this image. I couldn't change the angle/composition as there was a tree fern behind me.. The only post processing was to lighten the shadows in the middle of tree, darken the background/sky and replace a bright spot in the background - and some tweaking with radial filter and sliders in LR.

Fashion/Lifestyle PoD

Whats going on everyone. My names Victor, and I'm a fashion/lifestyle photographer. I would love to create a pod of like minded photographers with similar subject field to help each other grow. We all know how tough growing your following can be and doing it together can only help. Looking for photographers that are constantly posting and...