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Three image composite, the first consisting of a photo i shot here in Vancouver bc. I used a 0.9 nd filter and a polarizer, then used stock photos for the tub and the woman in it. I’m still unsure of the perspective and how the shadows should be like, and for that I ask for some help on what I could’ve done differently here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks I’m advance !

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Light angle and color is the challenge for all of us learning this, definitely. You also have to decide how realistic you want it to feel. For instance, you have a sunset in the background here, so the side of her face towards us and indeed the entire side of the bathtub should be dark in shadow. However, that may be a lot less interesting to the viewer, and if the idea is that it's a magical piece then perhaps less important. Or you could add something like glowing soap bubbles issuing up from the tub that would make the light make sense, but would be even more fantastic in their own existence.

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Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.