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Any thoughts ?

This is a photo that I showed in a local exhibit. I never really got anyone to give a critique on it, but I thought I’d throw this out here and see what you guys think of it. It’s a 3 image composite, the background was a stock photograph from deviant art and used with approval by the owner. Apart from that, just did some minor curves adjustments, black and white conversion. The girl on the piano and the hot air balloon were photographed on two different occasions.

The concept was to portray what goes on inside the mind when day dreams and creativity take over, making us lose concept of time and what’s around us even just for a short matter of time.

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interesting. I really like the concept behind this. Also, I like how you chose black and white instead of color, as the color becomes just dark and light, and they are repeated in the frame: tiles, hotairballoon, keyboards, and the dots on piano.