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Phillip Breske's picture

Hay rolls in field at dawn

I have processed this one before today, but I wanted to practice my masking techniques and this image has some pretty delicate edges between the brights and darks, so it seemed a good candidate.

1. RAW original

2. Capture One edit: masked sky with a gradient mask, with luminosity masking applied to that; then I rasterized that mask and used the Refine Mask... tool to really nail the edges. You have to look really closely to see any evidence of this. I also used a simple gradient mask on the bottom half to raise the tones a bit, add some definition and contrast, and tweaked the temperature to better match the colors of the sky throughout the scene (but mostly to add some color contrast that will help in the B&W conversion). I know some of you color fans will like this one best—there's no accounting for taste. ;)

3. Silver Efex conversion using one of my own landscape presets with some localized finessing.

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joseph cole's picture

this is one of those times i prefer the color Phillip it just gives a better feel for the mood ;) but the conversion is dead on

Chris Jablonski's picture

Mr Colour Fan here - I prefer the B&W! Nice job, Phillip. I'm sure newbies will often be surprised how far from the RAW a satisfying final image often is

Phillip Breske's picture

True! It’s only once you’ve been able to pull all the available data from a RAW file that you really appreciate its power.

Alan Brown's picture

I think B&W is so much more versatile in these sorts of images.

This conversion really brings out the form of the elements. You have achieved wonderful balance between the grass, shy and hay bales, anchored by the trees.

Ruth Carll's picture

I also think the black and white is the winner here. Beautiful work Phillip.