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Digital Fractals

I createdthese Digital Fracts using specialist software

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I like to experiment with various pieces of software, especially experimental type software made available by some wonderful developers free of charge. The manipulation process of the various variations within the software will often create unique images. With permission, I will add a photograph to enhance whatever I have created. In the 4 examples I have posted I have not done this so as to display the interesting and unique images that have resulted from my experiments. Later I will add some Digital Fracts with my photographic backgrounds. I like to create images with an "Alien"

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This looks like a happy little accident I've had in Zerene stacker. I will be attempting to make a macro pic more in focus, have one picture that is just way too much off and get something like what you have here, except in bug form.

I always deleted it. Never thought about posting it in this group.

Looks nice. First one kinda makes me hungry as squid is pretty delicious. LoL

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They look alien-like and mysterious.