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Chopsticks Optional [Minimalist Single Light Source]

I was asked to create an Asian inspired photograph. Using what I had, I didn't have any chopsticks, so I used bamboo skewers instead.

How This Image Was Taken: Using a textured plastic white panel found at the hardware store. I placed the panel on the kitchen counter top, then curved and taped to the wall for an infinite back drop. The single light source is that from a kitchen window, However, at the time taking this image, the sun was harsh and too bright. Using a white plastic bag placed over the window as a natural filter, I reduced the harshness leaving just a bright white light.

Image can be better viewed from my website: https://5e70a831209ed.site123.me

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Jeremy Martignago's picture

I like it..
maybe a bigger f-stop if you do it again.

Matthew Lacy's picture

Maybe composite two photos instead?

Matthew Lacy's picture

I really like this picture. One of the things that I like about your photography is the way you so successfully play with shadows, and I think it works very well here as well.

Ruth Carll's picture


It is always hard to judge some white images here on fStoppers as the page is soooo white. I always open images like this because the pop up window at least has a black background for comparison. I like this image overall. And, I agree with Matthew about your skill with shadows. I do think that this image needs a little adjustment in the whites though. It is in need of a little life that I think a little more white/brightening might accomplish. Not contrast though. That looks great. Just my opinion. It's hard to say without seeing it. And again, this site's white page can suck the life out of subtle work.

Hunter Chan's picture

Dude! That's not chopsticks! We use chopsticks that are blunt on both sides in China! That's just two barbecue sticks in your pic 😂 (no offense though, that was a really good picture)

Matthew Lacy's picture

He said it was bamboo skewers.

Hunter Chan's picture

Ahhh.......I see :)

Chris Jablonski's picture

I really like this one, BCAP.

I note Jeremy's comment, but the in-between DOF works here for me, creating a subtle teasing, making me look closer. I'm reminded of Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Architecture" series, in which often familiar structures are shown, never in sharp focus, and also Kenro Izu's "Seduction" - interestingly, both Japanese, with European infuences. And I love the subtle tones throughout. Not often I disagree with Ruth or Jeremy. One of your best. It appeals in many ways. Composition is another. And the shadows, as Matthew points out. Well done.

Troy Straub's picture

Nice shot I like the shallow depth of field. Skewers look sharp from cross point to tips which feels right to me with just a small drop of to the bottoms and to top of vase.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Totally agree, Troy!

Chris Jablonski's picture

We don't want to make you feel TOO good, BCAP! You're cute when you're cranky... ;-)

Chris Jablonski's picture

Better than being boring! ;-)

Alan Brown's picture

The image really works for me, with nice control of the tonal range. I think the composition is great, but I might experiment with cropping 5-7% from the right (all personal preference of course).

The focus works for me also, helping draw the eye to the improvised 'chopsticks' and plate.

I think the work you put into this really paid off!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Can't agree about the crop, Alan!