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Gregory Thanos's picture

Last colour

I was very lucky, when a beautiful cloud formed above of a silver poplar tree. I liked a lot that the branches of the tree were pointing towards the cloud. As it got dark, the beautiful cloud formation was painted pink by the spectacular colours of the sun.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

I like the simple concept here, Gregory.

I suspect it wasn't possible, but I imagine that in your place I'd have been tempted to distil even more, and just have one or two branch tips pointing up into the sky.

I say this because the branches, being dark silhouettes, look just a bit hard, even sinister against that soft sky. But if that was someone's intent with this image, that wouldn't invalidate it.

What do you think?

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you very much Chris! Due to the fact that the tree was not leafless, I feel that this flattering the image. But if the tree was leafless and the branches was not like this tree, I would feel that this won't flattering the image.

Alan Brown's picture

I like the multiple contrasts between light & dark, harsh against soft and color versus stark black.

I do think the image is a little bottom-heavy and feel it may be better balanced if you cropped ~ 10% from the bottom (perhaps less if you raise the blacks in the tree).

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you Alan! I'm glad you like it!