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Remains of life form

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunset? Inspiration comes from everywhere. I believe that the beauty of nature is always, where man has not gone. I have always loved discovering places in nature. I felt that by discovering a part of nature, I could see her true beauty. This is my inspiration. My images are based on that. I found this sculpted rock on a beach. The waves of the sea had turned the rock into a work of art.

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Alan Brown's picture

Hi Gregory, thanks for posting. TBH, I struggle myself trying to capture the beauty of weathered rocks and other such beautiful forms of nature.

Although perhaps beautiful in its natural environment I feel the image is overly busy, with my eye left drifting around the frame.

Of course this is all down to personal preferences, and you likely have a totally different connection to the image.

I have tried playing about with it to see if I could create some contrast to pull the eye in, this is the best I could come up with.

As always, it is fine if you/others disagree.

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you very much for your comment Alan! I really appreciate it!

Mike Osmond's picture

Hi Gregory,

Lovely introduction to your shot and yes, I too love shots of nature.

I like the image and can see where your inspiration comes from, however I do also see the benefits of some post processing as suggested by Alan...

Thanks and regards,


Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you a lot too Mike! I really appreciate your comments!