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Amanda deLassus's picture

First attempt at abstract photography

I'm just getting into photography, and this is a picture I took at a motel I was staying at in November of last year. I suppose you can call this abstract; if not, I'll be happy to be corrected. Anyway, I've titled it "Abstract Motel".

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Hey Amanda, if you don't mind, I'll put my two cents in, whatever it's worth. The image displays good texture. The wall color's interplays well with the light. and leads to decent shadow play.

I find the white trim on the left of the image and the TV distracting. A centered light could give an opportunity for a study in symmetry. The shadows on both sides of the light could be used as a dividing line between the top and bottom of the image. With the gradual dimming of the light further from the center could also provide a chance to use a subtle dark vignette.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for posting.

Amanda deLassus's picture

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Amanda deLassus's picture

Is this a bit better? Too dark?

Alan Brown's picture

In seeing this I believe I prefer the original. I think the white strip offers somewhat of a balance to the heavy black of the TV, and adds an extra element to the composition.

Alan Brown's picture

I can certainly see your point here John, as I said to Amanda I'm a little bit on the fence.

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Thanks for posting Amanda. I really like this image, I find it very abstract and well balanced. This shoes great compositional skills for someone 'just getting into photography' - perhaps you studied art otherwise?

I would tend to agree with John on the white trim (I hadn't initially noticed that on first glance) were it not for the shadow. I guess I'm on the fence a bit on this aspect, but do think it looks better when enlarged and set against the darker background.

In all cases I would recommend you go with your own gut feeling. Certainly review suggestions and feel free to make tweaks that align with your vision, but the work should be a reflection of yourself.

If there is one thing I have learned from this group it is that all have their own tastes, none right or wrong, and as a group we respect the opinion of others.

Amanda deLassus's picture

I do have an art background. In college I was an art major for one semester.

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Hi Amanda,

I appreciate John's comment and can see the symmetry that he suggests...

However, I too prefer the image just as it is viewing it from an almost cubist perspective. To me, the white rectangle counterbalances the weight of the black, both in shape and colour) and matches the white rectangular light bringing the image into balance...

Just goes to show - beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Thanks John and Amanda...



Charles Mercier's picture

another view. I would much prefer it without the black TV. I do like the white wall on the left.

Bruce Grant's picture

Nicely done.

Amanda deLassus's picture

Thank you.