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Kelly McKeon's picture

Gutter Party

My affinity for photographing objects in the street has resulted in a rather strange catalogue of imagery. This image catapulted my imagination into forming a story. Perhaps of a night gone right, or wrong, depending on one's perspective.

That's what makes photography so fun. Interesting images that makes you wonder.
Some may view this as trash, I view it as treasure for the mind.

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Alan Brown's picture

Hi Kelly, well this certainly allows the viewer to paint their own story.

The one thing I will say about this is that on first viewing I thought it was trash piled up against a wall, I had to tell my mind that you are looking down.

Here is another angle that gives if nothing more a different perspective. To my eyes it removes that ambiguity, I'd be interested to hear what others feel.

It's strange how the mind plays tricks (I bet Chris can comment on that...)

Kelly McKeon's picture

Hey Alan, believe you me. I've turned this image on all sides trying to place more emphasis and context to it.

In the end, I resolved it was simply, interesting.

Having spent 25 years in Las Vegas, these small scenes became a study for me—you would not believe what pops up in the street gutters in Las Vegas.
Thanks for the feedback.

Alan Brown's picture

Yeah, and now revisiting I do actually prefer your original. Just goes to show......

Kelly McKeon's picture

Thank you for the input. I assure you, staged it is not. That is often my struggle with seeing these snippets of life scattered about—do I move/remove objects to strengthen the composition.

I'm a former Illustrator, and deciding not to interfere with this scene, is my way of challenging the way I compose.
I refer to this process as—what I see is what you get.

Joining Fstoppers only recently for the discussion and feedback is precisely what I wanted to achieve from posting imagery such as this. Thanks again, very helpful.

Alan Brown's picture

Do you think the viewer needs to understand the context Broken?
I think the attempt here is to create a portfolio of documentary images showing objects discovered on the street.

It may not be a piece that stands alone as a work of art but I can see it being presented as part of a series telling a story of the remnants of street life.

Jennifer Wise's picture

This is a confusing one because as it's presented, it does look like it's crawling up a wall, but Alan's different angle makes it look like it's suspended from a ceiling. Either way, it is an interesting shot. Full of stories as each item has a past to tell about.