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Flat Track motorcycle racing

Hi all!

Haven't really seen any flat track moto-racing photos so I thought I'd post some as a part of my intro!

The biggest challenge at these events: motion blur/panning. It's risky because you might miss out on a good shot but well worth it! Anyone have that same dilemma?

What are your challenges when it comes to shooting sports?

Here are some of my fave shots, open to CC!

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Totally feel your "decision making" pain. Just last week I picked up a Sony a7riii to go along with my Sony a9. This way while capturing the action on the a9, I can have a more creative lens and setup on the a7riii to get more artistic shots with. Of course you still miss some of the action, but that's life.

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I love Sony's (especially for vid. capabilities) but for action/sports, I still can't get the hang in terms of the cameras ergos in a race atmosphere & especially with EVF's; perhaps one day!

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The a7rii was very weird to me for sure, and the a7riii isn't perfect, but feels much better to use. The a9 however, is amazing to me. The blackout free shooting is something you will never want to be without again after using it.