Why College Football Does Not Need A Playoff

The discussions and arguments begin at the end of the regular season. Why we need a college football playoffs. We hear everything. The non-qualifying conferences are not included. A team that deserves to be in the title game gets left out. We also hear that the reason that there should not be a playoff is because of the great tradition in college football, and that a playoff would destroy that tradition. In reality, however, it’s all about money. The cavalcade of bowl games ensures money for the different schools and all these different games bring in a lot of money for the NCAA. Some claim to have the students in mind, saying that all the extra games would damage the students both physically and academically.

There is no doubt about the fact that a playoff would be exciting. Schools like Boise State who are always on the outside looking in would have the chance to finally prove themselves. Schools like Oklahoma State that believed that they belonged in the title game this year would still have a chance to be in the mix. It would definitely bring about a greater sense of fairness in the sport.

Nevertheless, the thing that makes college football so exciting is the regular season. The reason why college football fans are so maniacal about their teams is because every game counts. True, in all sports, every game counts. However, in college football, a team can essentially only guarantee a shot at a national title is if they remain undefeated. If you are a fan of a top college football team, every game has a playoff atmosphere.

People don’t like the fact that their are tiers to FBS (Div. I) Football. They don’t like looking at the haves and have-nots and the jockeying for position. This is a mentality that exists throughout our culture today. Because people don’t like something, we have to fix it. We are required to make everyone happy. The BCS has a responsibility to get the top two teams into the title game. In the regular season, Alabama was a slightly better team than Oklahoma State. Just because fans don’t like it and scream that it’s unfair, doesn’t mean that it actually is. The regular season is the opportunity for teams to play their way in, and that’s what counts.

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