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I've created this group with the hope of building a community of serious ICM landscape photographers who have a desire to learn and grow beyond just taking the occasional ICM photo to developing ICM as a primary focus, or as a regular aspect of their photographic repertoire.

Please share only your best ICM landscape/nature work here, as well as information about your technique and any technical details that might be pertinent.

There are a lot of ICMs out there these days that tend to give ICM a bad wrap and that many 'serious' photographers see as cliche (rightfully so).

My desire is to change that perception and to show that ICM can be used as a legitimate expression of the inherent beauty and essence of the landscape and natural world.

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Hi Stephanie. I was hoping that someone (and specifically you...) would start such a group. There so much fantastic ICM work out there and I'm eagerly trying to understand the variety of techniques used.

Like you, I feel ICM is largely misrepresented and there's a lot of inferior work being portrayed as 'art'.

I think this is a great place for 'experts' and beginners to share and learn from each other.

Thanks for starting the group.

Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Thanks so much, Alan!

So glad you joined the group, and I look forward to sharing with you here. I do hope this will be a place for people to learn the art of ICM in a way that will be beneficial to the growth and evolution of everyone involved. 😊

I'm always happy to answer questions or be of assistance in any way. I believe that when we share and collaborate as artists it makes us all better, and I feel that aspect of sharing is a valuable and sometimes missing piece in a lot of groups. So my hope here would be to have a lotnof discussion about the details, techniques, processes, and ideas around ICM work.

Thanks again for being here!


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Technical details for this image are:

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon f/4L 70-200mm lens

100mm · f/16 · 1/13 · ISO 100

Created in-camera, no filters, lightly post-processed in Lightroom, then finished in Photoshop for spot removal and final exposure/vibrance/color balance adjustments.

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Hi Stephanie,
I saw a reference to this group on the #icmphotography hashtag on Instagram. I wasn't a member of fstoppers before, but your new group inspired me to become one! I love the effect of ICM. It softens the world around us in such a way that it creates a peaceful joy in me. I'm inspired by what I'm seeing posted and I appreciate the technical information as I concentrate more and more on this abstract landscape path. Thanks for starting this group!!

Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Hi Laura,

Thank you so much for joining the group! So glad to have you here. My hope is that the group will become a place of meaningful learning, sharing, and interaction between like-minded photographers and artists who have a desire to concentrate more on this abstract landscape path, as you mentioned you are doing. :)

I love what you said about how ICM "softens the world around us in such a way that it creates a peaceful joy."

This is something I've hoped to convey in and through my own ICM work. I truly do believe seeing the world in this way...beyond form and more the essence, if you will...helps us to make more meaningful connections to the landscape, nature, the environment, and each other.

For me, this abstract landscape path is about how light and color enable us to see the energetic flow of things, and when we are able to tap into that essence, we begin to find ways to heal our inner landscapes, as well as the outer landscapes of our lives.

The peaceful joy you feel is of the highest energetic vibration...which is healing in and of itself. :)

Anyway, thank you for joining the group. I look forward to seeing the images you will share here and to learning more about your own personal vision.


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Thank you, Stephanie, for this thoughtful response (in addition to your photographic work), which speaks so eloquently to the appeal of ICM.
Warm regards,

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