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First attempt

Figured I would try something new. So this is my attempt in ICM photography. I am not sure if I will attempt more of this in the future. But just curious on what critiques more experienced people in this field had for me to help me gain more knowledge just in case.

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Hey Nathan, I am no expert on the subject myself but can offer what I have discovered from my own experimentation.
Just about all of the successful ICM I have seen use movement to complement a dominant form. Typical examples are a vertical movement when photographing trees, horizontal for seascapes etc.

I will say that this takes an amount of experimentation and lots of failures before you start to see something compelling.

I think your image is interesting, but the subject itself is not the most conducive to ICM. I would suggest that you view other ICM work to get a feel for what works/what you like and then go play. If nothing else it will get you out there and you can always delete if you don't like results.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing further attempts.