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5 deliberate parts of FL Studio

As Producer Sphere said, each of these sections can be hidden or shown by clicking the corresponding button in the top bar.
Browser is a section where your sounds, samples, and instruments are stored as folders for you to browse and select the elements you want to add to your project.
This is where your computer sounds are saved, save them to a folder so you can easily find them in Browser.
Channel rack
The templates and instruments you have selected specifically for your track are saved here. You will be allowed to create patterns or loops during their editing process here.
Piano Roll
Piano Roll, you to compile and edit the desired patterns and melodies you desire. The Piano Roll feature in FL Studio is intuitive and easy to learn if you are a beginner. In this feature, you can also edit the velocity, movement and length of each individual note in your sample.
This is the place to organize them into complete tracks.
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