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Leon Bokhove's picture


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated :)

5D Mark IV
Canon EF 85mm f/1.8


ISO 100


Bowens beauty dish as the main light (might've been socked, can't remember)
Two 50 by 130 cm stripboxes, one on each side behind the model

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Jared Wolfe's picture

Solid shot.

Leon Bokhove's picture

Thank you, Jared. Can you say where I could improve?

Jared Wolfe's picture

I think a more elegant hair stye would really help out. The fur and necklace say elegant but the hair says casual beach babe. Maybe something like this
Nice clean asymmetrical part. Nice big wavy curls. This girl looks elegant despite crappy overhead hotel lighting.

Leon Bokhove's picture

100%, thank you :) I'll definitely keep that in mind next time around

Corey Pollack's picture

I think you did pretty much the best you could possibly do with the subject( I mean that in a good way). there is one tiny mark on her face, and the hair that crosses over her eye/cheek could be fixed, and maybe get rid of that strand of hair that comes from the back of her neck to the front. What would be the next major step up is taking it from studio to a location, like a fancy hotel, and shoot down the hallway. In terms of styling/coloring, that's a matter of opinion, and I like what you did.

Leon Bokhove's picture

Thank you for the elaborate response, Corey! If the mark you are referring to is the scar on her lower left cheek, I intentionally keep those in regardless of who's in front of the camera :) I'm certainly looking into doing more on location stuff, preferably environmental portraiture. That would indeed be the next step for me, thank you for your suggestion.