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Wildlife photography can be one of the most difficult genres to capture well as photographers rarely have extensive control over each situation. Still, great skill is needed to capture incredible images of animals. Do you think your wildlife pictures stand out above your peers? 

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My family spent Easter afternoon visiting Tiger World in Rockwell, NC (just outside of Charlotte). This is a private 501c-3 organization that rescues, cares for, and houses exotic animals that have been taken out of private residences. Although it's named Tiger World, it's home to many other types of exotic animals.The organization does...

Red Tailed Hawks

A few red tailed hawk shots from last summer. I never had any luck getting shots of them until last July and then I found a couple who didn't mind the attention.

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

Buffalo and Longhorn from the Wichita Mountains in SW Oklahoma. A beautiful but very rugged area that is an original mixed grass prairie surrounded by ancient, well-worn granite mountains. One of my favorite places and a well kept secret outside of Oklahoma. Hope you like these.

True Love

This lion appears to look fondly at the lioness. This is a zoo photograph. It is blended from two images so both lions will be in focus.

Quiet Contemplation

A ural owl perched and watching during a flight demonstration at the Avian Conservation Center in Awendaw, SC. The center focuses on rescuing birds of prey. There were several flight demonstrations during our visit, but this beautiful owl ruled the day. If you are in the Charleston, SC, area, this is a must see!

Eagles fighting over catfish

Last September I tried a new spot down river from where I normally set up since nothing was going on there.

I got rewarded with a forty-five minute show with four mature and four juvenile bald eagles fighting over a dead catfish. At some point all had some to eat I think and at one point even a great blue heron tried to move in but it...

Foxes In the Snow

Taken at work while walking through the snow, stumbled upon 3 young fox cubs who were playing around in the snow. Waited there for around 2 hours watching them until they finally walked off into the woods. Taken with a Canon 6D and Canon 100-400 II.