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Instagram accounts for Nightlife & Concert Photography - besides @allisamazing

Hey talented friends,

I am curious if here are any people who know any good Instagram accounts solely dedicated for Nightlife & Concert Photography. I am currently curating one account @allisamazing and they are Nightlife Photographers form South East Asia. I would like to find more same profile accounts in order to create broader...

High contrast lighting issues

Hi Guys,

I would appreciate some input from other experienced photographers. I do quite a lot of event photography. At the weekend I was taking photos of cyclists on an event during the middle of the day in full sun. In these situations I often struggle to get a decent exposure on people's faces. I have been trying to use spot metering,...

Head Shot Retouch

I'm interested in getting some feedback on a recent head shot I did. I try to use a light hand when it comes to retouching, especially for my clients who deal with the public. The last thing I want is someone being accused of not looking like their picture on the billboard or something along those lines.

Is photography a lie?

I am the type of photographer who is afraid of showing his pictures on camera. When people ask me to take their pictures, they expect to see a nice shot right out of the camera. That frustrates me because I feel that I am not good enough at taking pictures. What is photography anyway?

In the shadows

Had an idea to try to do low key shot with one or two lightsource. Did this one with cheap chinese speedlite Neewer attached to Roundflash.

Flash was positioned straight above model.

Susanna Ylitalo

Nikita Tikka

Wedding retouching

The high-end photo retouching remarkably contributes to our reputation in years. Our devoted retouchers always try to enhance skills and experience to give the client the best ultimate results as their expectation and make their images become ideal.

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You are a photographer and do you know what glamour retouching?

Glamour Retouching is a particular kind of photo enhancement mostly for commercial use. In fact, it deals with professional models’ resumes or magazine cover retouching. Furthermore, in the sphere of glamour photo editing, every detail should be of great...