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Learn from the Best Music Photographers!

Hi guys,

my name is Matthias Hombauer and I am the funder of How to Become A Rockstar Photographer, an online platform that helps people to live their passion as concert photographers.

Recently I started my podcast where I am interviewing the best concert photographers on this planet including Kat Benzova (Guns N Roses, AC/DC...

Behind the Fashion.

Hiya all. The name's Myles and I work professionally shooting fashion & BTS in Sydney, Australia. Just wanted to share some my current and past backstage work just to show what it's like behind the runway. Enjoy.


Hobby shooter wants to go pro

Hi everybody! My name is Will Sherrill. I have been a hobby shooter for a few years. Mostly landscapes and pictures of my kids and family. I was interested in starting a part time business doing headshots. Here is a selfie. Any advice on what to do to get started would be greatly appreciated!

Meg L. Headshot

Had an awesome time with the stunning miss Meg yesterday. She showed up with her game face on, and kept it on throughout the shoot. I think this was one of my favorite shoots so far. Not only did she know exactly what she wanted, but it was tough getting her to open up. When she eventually let her guard down, it was a lot of fun.

By the...

My Latest Shoot

Hello everyone. I am a new member here. I am also comparatively a new photographer, just around a year in professional photography. I look forward to sharing my work and learning from you all. These are a few photos from my latest shoot. Do give me your feedback pls.

Architectural interior shoot

Hi I am new at this and trying interior photography and looking for improvement. I am struggling between using bracketed expose vs using flash, gave it a go... And quickly got discouraged especially in the kitchen with the time it takes to get your flash position correctly. My initial approach was to use shoot through umbrella, then realized it...

Hannah N. Headshot #2

Hey everyone. I'm looking for some constructive criticism for this image. This is my first shot at ditching the strobes for natural light using the translucent portion of a 5-in-1, forty-something inch reflector for my key light, and the silver side of a small reflector for kicker. At first glance I really liked this image, but there are a few...