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I keep going back!

I have been to this one spot at least 3 times in the past, but I am a firm believer that it takes practice and multiple attempts to really nail down the perfect image of a location. I might be getting close with this one! There are a few things I still want to do better with this spot though...
Next time!

Too much ?

Hello everybody,

Recently i went on a photography expedition to Greenland on a sailing ship. It was the experience of a lifetime, and i came home with a ton of pictures. One of the images i was particularly fond of from the start was this reflection of a massive iceberg during sunset. I liked it so much i even had a large print made to...

Portrait of Atlantic puffin

The Atlantic Puffin can be very hard to capture good and sharp photos of. They fly quickly and as soon as they land with food for their little ones they disappear into their small caves. The cool thing about taking pictures of the puffins at Runde, Norway is that as soon as the sun sets the puffins starts be really photogenic and sits still....

Space Dome

I took this close up shot of one of the Flower Domes located inside Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. It's entire glass facade, together with its spiral rings structure, does give it a futuristic space age feel, especially when lighted up at dusk.

Architectural Portfolio:

Camera shy and cover girl

I was playing with a Canon 5d markii when I took these pictures in my back yard. Lily is a dachshund mix who is quite a bit camera shy. Sadie is a basenji mix that I can't seem to get a bad photo of.

My goal with the image of both of the girls in the same frame was to document the difference in their personalities.

Let me know...

McLaren 570S Interior

Interior of a McLaren 570S shot in the owner's driveway and composited over a stock photo. My first try at such a composite, inspired by a few beautiful similar interior shots I have seen recently. Lighting was a challenge, as the only modifier I had was a 24x36 inch softbox, but we made it work somehow!