Game of Thrones

How that great serie will end... who will be true king...
This is my opinion how it will end, what is yours?

Model and chair photographed by me and also there is lots of awsome stocks from Adobe Stock.
Photo created in Antti Karppinen Photography, Alias Creative Fantasy Art Workshop.
Model/Costume/Makeup: Mae-rye...

Beauty and Cosplay

This month my cosplay friend JediManda and I are pushing ourselves with cosplay beauty shoots. She also won body paint so we wanted characters that would utilize those paints, so of course we had to go with Darth Maul!

Kiki's Delivery Service

Had fun shooting Kiki over in St. Augustine Florida which I feel fits perfectly since it's an actual sea side town.
I actually shot the first image with my old D3200 years ago and wanted not only recreate it better for printing, but also to do a complete set of images instead of the one of I did years ago. The cafe was nice and let us...