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Product Photography Advice

Hi everybody,
i am very new to this field of photography and this is one of my first photo. I'd like to have some comments to you to understand if you like it or not.

Thank you


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Jesse Coleman's picture

I like how you used the packaging design for the background, here's what I think would help: the products need to be sharper & larger, maybe the center item is a little larger to suggest perspective and I wouldnt let the hilight on the sides completely burn out the logo and maybe the shadows between products could be a little brighter.

Good luck!

Kevin Risner's picture

I agree with the previous comment. The highlight on the sides of the bottle could be brought down slightly. This would also allow for more definition of the bottles that are turned to the sides where the white highlight meets the white in the background. Also, perhaps bringing up the blacks on the bottles themselves. The blacks on the bottles aren't as strong as the blacks on the background image. I think it should be the other way around, the product colors should be the strongest and the background should support the product but not be stronger than it.