Light of

Please, feeback about this shot. I take this with nikor 80-200 and a tele converter to my kitchen light.

Please critique

I am looking for some feedback on some of my images, and would appreciate any comments, whether positive or negative. Please help me learn and grow.

Image in my eye

I was walking along the river and saw this puddle on a rock, and was able to capture this reflection in it. I would welcome any thoughts and advice that you might have.


"Here we are
Running in circles, around around around around
When nothing's right, just close your eyes
Close your eyes and you're gone'

Beck - Dreams

I welcome any kind of feedback or critique, just please keep it friendly.

Playing with light

Just a few light painting shots taken on a very dark night on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia, and a focus pull shoot taken from the Cloud 47 Bar in Bangkok, Thailand, would love to hear what people think of them please comment!!!!

Water - Abstract

These water drop pics were taken on cold winter day (Cold -from my standards). I had to do something at home !
Nikon D80,
Brightness increased with Google Picasa and cropped.
Looking for comments or feedback.

Big World Series by Thomas Brown

Hi guys, I thought I would share a few images I have made into a small series.

I have been a member of Stoppers for years but haven't really posted much in the groups. I love seeing every ones work.

I welcome you to view my gallery.

My intention was to utilise a gritty, and even cinematic look on these image.
I hope...

Opinions and critiques are welcome

The story behind this picture ist my own conflict between my new identity.
I was born in Ecuador where I grew up, studied and worked, one day I met "the one" (my husband) so I decided to go with him to his country (Germany). I had to start over I didn't even know the language.
I did not realize that it was going to be difficult too...

First post and saying hello

Hi everyone :) I'm Paul. Hope you're all well! I've got broad shoulders and don't mind harsh CC of my photos (so long as it's actually constructive!). I usually take landscape and cityscape photos but this composition caught my eye. I'd love some CC on it please. Thanks!

Melancholy Project

Hello guys, I am new here.

I did this project on Melancholy at university, exhibited it twice and have a blog post where I explain about it.
I combined both BW medium format with digital colour photos to interpret this state of being.

Here is the link:

If anyone wants to...