Pearls on a rough surface

I shot this with a Sigma 105 macro as a sample. Getting the pearls to have lustre without blowing out was a bit of a challenge. I'd like any comments you have.

Glock 43

Glock 43 with Trijicon HD Tritium Night Sights.

Three lights used. Silver reflectors to bounce in some highlights.

I would love some thoughs on this photo.

Hi, i started about a year ago to photograph products, and i working hard to build a nice portifolio and improve my work.

As many of you, always after doing some photo, i love her like if was the best photo EVER, but i know that i can do way better, but its easier to see mistakes or know how to improve, when i get some thougts made by...

Wine Photography

Hi everyone, i just shot this photo of a wine bottle and it's my first attempt at studio product photography, i am trying to make a strong portfolio of product photo, so i would really love some thoughts.

newbie question about product photography

Hello All,

I had a quick question, I know when I am shooting a for a client in a portrait setting, I always acquire the appropriate contracts.

However, I want to build a strong Product Portfolio, and move towards more Product work... My question is, if I were to start shooting products, do I need to get Manufactures to sign a...

Footwear photography

Hi, I've been photographing shoes for just over 10 years - a regular reader of Fstoppers, only just discovered this community & thought I'd share some recent work. Would love some feedback, things you like, things you don't like. Hope to post regularly here and share lots of ideas with each other.

Thanks, Will

Lighting suggestions

Hey all, I've been asked to shoot some products for a friend. This line of work has always interested me and so I accepted. The budget allows me to look into some starter light kits. That said, I'm just not sure which route to go. I already own strobes (alien bee),m but my question is, should I be looking at continuous lighting? Or can this be...

Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine, our first, FUN attempt on a commercial image. As the subject We used a custom bottle with our Photography Logo on it (bottles of wine we give out to Vip Clients as Thank Yous For there Business). Three Flashes, 2 pointed at the white background and 1 at the bottle with a Mag Sphere. Of course a fast shutter speed, about a F11 for...


Hey! Just wanted to introduce myself and share some of my work.
My name is Abi and I'm an equestrian and fine art portrait photographer based in Central Missouri. I lived in Massachusetts for a year where I recieved a formal education in photography from the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Recently I have been thinking i may want to...

Introduction Post

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. Finally decided to create an account on Fstoppers.
My name is Kirby Hines, currently living in New Hampshire, originally Ohio.
I'm currently the photographer for Simon Pearce doing everything from product to lifestyle photography for them.
Always up for...

Mens Beard Products

A client asked for product photos for a new product line. I'm starting out in product photography and are looking to make future clients happy, hope that I am in the right direction.

Goose Island

First shot at a beer bottle shot. Got all inspiration and ideas from the little tutorial Lee Morris did. Really liked the shot he got so I wanted to try and do it myself. Any CC is welcome, anything you guys think I should change? Thanks!

Norwegian VOSS water product shot

Product photoshoot with lightpainting technique.
3 picture composite, background pattern made with a tablet with pattern picture on & lightpainted with Huawei P9 Lite to show students, that you don't always need expensive equipment for making spectacular images.
f/16 with 3sec shutter

Tell me what you all think of this


Perfume photography using a speedlite and four pictures with different lighting schemes to make the final composition.
I also post one of the photos before the edition.
CC are welcome.

Group of products.

Hi! Hope you could help me out. For a client, I'm shooting a rather large group of products against a gray background. I'm struggling a bit with the best way to light this set. I've enclosed the result of a similar shot I've done last year, but I'm not satisfied with the result. In this case I've used two speedlights with umbrellas (and another...

What's your workflow for retouching products?

Hi my name is Tyler Mitchell, I'm 23 and I currently work as the product and lifestyle photographer for Segway Inc. I'm regularly tasked with photographing and retouching all of Segway's new and up coming products. I figured I would share a before/after and a link to a short screen capture of my layers breakdown.

Layers breakdown: https...

Just joined Fstoppers yesterday and this is the first group I joined!

Hi all, I just joined Fstoppers and I'm delighted that there's a lot of product photography members here. Anyway, here's a photo I took a year ago for my product photography class. It's a combination of different shots. I used a combination of strobe and light painting in this photo. I am open to any feedbacks and suggestions to improve my...

Glenfiddich bottle on fire

Exploring the idea of hanging products, I decided to add a new element … fire. I had used fire in another image of a bottle, but this time I wanted the fire to encompass the bottle, which meant taking a few more safety precautions.

I started by choosing the background for image, I chose an old wooden board because of the organic look and...

Could use some help with this.

This is my second attempt at product photography and I am still trying to figure it out. Here is an image of a vaping unit and some e-liquid. Please let me know what you think, and no need to be nice, I would rather have honest. Thanks!