Jewelry Photography

There are a lot of details when it comes to jewelry. There are beautiful, high-quality photos showcasing these details.
They are essential factors for a professional, consistent and reputable site, so retouch the jewelry product photography that photographers often fall into when photographing their products.

Want to improve your...


We know that everyone in different fields who wants to get the best result must invest effort, time and even money. However, these tips below, I hope to help you to save a lot of these things. Getting ready!

Cleaning product before taking photo

This is a very simple step that newbies rarely notice. If we take a little time to...

Sugar in the Raw

So besides shooting a lot of food photography I also shoot A LOT of knockout images for clients websites. Here is a recent shot I did for sugar in the raw. I believe it is being used both in their sell sheets to restaurants and to be used on their website. A lot of retouching but hopefully it doesn't really show.

BWW Hot Sauce

This was not shot for Buffalo Wild Wings. I've just had the idea for a while and wanted to use a brand that has some killer sauce.

This is a composite of 2 major images: one being the bottle with proper lighting, the second being the bottle with the flames being shot at it from behind. I used rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle to create...

Pearls on a rough surface

I shot this with a Sigma 105 macro as a sample. Getting the pearls to have lustre without blowing out was a bit of a challenge. I'd like any comments you have.

Glock 43

Glock 43 with Trijicon HD Tritium Night Sights.

Three lights used. Silver reflectors to bounce in some highlights.

I would love some thoughs on this photo.

Hi, i started about a year ago to photograph products, and i working hard to build a nice portifolio and improve my work.

As many of you, always after doing some photo, i love her like if was the best photo EVER, but i know that i can do way better, but its easier to see mistakes or know how to improve, when i get some thougts made by...

Wine Photography

Hi everyone, i just shot this photo of a wine bottle and it's my first attempt at studio product photography, i am trying to make a strong portfolio of product photo, so i would really love some thoughts.

newbie question about product photography

Hello All,

I had a quick question, I know when I am shooting a for a client in a portrait setting, I always acquire the appropriate contracts.

However, I want to build a strong Product Portfolio, and move towards more Product work... My question is, if I were to start shooting products, do I need to get Manufactures to sign a...

Footwear photography

Hi, I've been photographing shoes for just over 10 years - a regular reader of Fstoppers, only just discovered this community & thought I'd share some recent work. Would love some feedback, things you like, things you don't like. Hope to post regularly here and share lots of ideas with each other.

Thanks, Will

Lighting suggestions

Hey all, I've been asked to shoot some products for a friend. This line of work has always interested me and so I accepted. The budget allows me to look into some starter light kits. That said, I'm just not sure which route to go. I already own strobes (alien bee),m but my question is, should I be looking at continuous lighting? Or can this be...