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Goose Island

First shot at a beer bottle shot. Got all inspiration and ideas from the little tutorial Lee Morris did. Really liked the shot he got so I wanted to try and do it myself. Any CC is welcome, anything you guys think I should change? Thanks!

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Its just my opinion, but well, from craft beer drinker point of view putting ice makes no sense at all. I doubt that any local craft brewery would like to have ice, unless it matches the name of the beer.

We do not add ice to a craft beer. Never.

At first I feel that the label needs some additional lighting.

I'd also fix the light reflections - especially on left side - it does not cover the whole bottle, there's some collapse in the middle of it (pc related).

The light at the very botton of the bottle should be better too - maybe do two shots and composite it?

But I like the idea and the feeling. And the beer is great!

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Thanks for the tips! I'll make note for no ice in the reshoot haha. And i'll maybe try positioning the side lights differently for that rim light. Thanks!

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Here is the new shot, no ice. More even lighting on the sides and front. The Ice before was not meant to be showing that you should put ice in the beer if thats what you meant by not adding ice to craft beer.... people use ice to keep beer cold in a cooler too lol. Anyway, new shot I think its improved a bit. I only have 3 speedlites so i used a lumecube on the front of the bottle as well as two v-flats.


I'd make sure that the horizont is even - looks like the left side is a little bit higher?

You also have to clear your table out of glicerine I believe, these "water droplets" behind/next to the bottle does look like some dust highlighted by the speedlight :P.

And the label - that's the part i really didnt like about Lee's tutorial - it looks very flat. It begs for some light.
What I;d to to it is this: (around 3:50)

The rim light looks way better. Nice one.